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Senior manager at Tala conned Kes 9 million by fake Ghanaian preacher

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has arrested and detained a Ghanaian national named Victor Anane, who duped a senior female manager at Tala of sh 9 million.

The suspect met Tala’s manager on an online dating site, where he proceeded to lure her into an unsuspecting romance, only to steal from her in unknown circumstances.

Victor, who has apparently duped several innocent women, had posed as a preacher who performed miracles.

He promised to help the manager get instant promotion at work and additionally convinced her that she would earn much more money if she fell in love with him.

The lady was swept off her feet by Victor’ affections that she dated him for a while before realizing the con artist he was.

One day, Victor Anane, invited the woman into his house and too her shock, the man of God she fell in love with had witchcraft and magic rituals paraphernalia in his home.

By this time, she had already sent the man the sh 9 million. She had obtained some of the money from Tala Agencies’ accounts.

The date immediately turned sour as the lady demanded to know why the preacher possessed paraphernalia regarding dark powers.

She ended the relationship instantly as she realized she had been conned then proceeded to report the matter to the police.

“He promised to help her turn her fortunes around. Wowed by the man’s overtures, the lady was swept off her feet and fell for him. The two dated for a while, and as their love blossomed, she was invited to the man’s residence in Transview estate Athi River,’ wrote DCI Kenya on their Twitter handle.

Detectives raided Victor’s house, where they recovered the witchcraft paraphernalia, sh 76,000 in fake currency and other materials used for printing counterfeit money.

The suspect is currently in custody and will be taken to court on charges of obtaining money under false pretense.

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