Home Entertainment Dramatic teen Shakilla interrupts Eric Omondi's wedding ceremony

Dramatic teen Shakilla interrupts Eric Omondi’s wedding ceremony

Dramatic teen socialite Shakilla has today shocked the internet after storming comedian Eric Omondi’s wedding to Carol Kamweru of Bandbeca.

As the wedding ceremony was going on, an angry Shakilla, clad in an off-white bridal gown, matched into the wedding grounds demanding for the wedding be stopped.

To many of the wedding attendees’ surprise, Shakilla confidently shouted that her unborn child would not allow the wedding to be officiated, adding that she was the one who deserved to get married to the comedian.

Shakilla previously disclosed that she is one month pregnant with Eric Omondi’s child.

Immediately after Eric picked Carol Kamweru for his bride, Shakilla bitterly stated that she will not allow her child to be raised on the streets without the father.

Eric Omondi then accompanied her to the hospital, where they confirmed the allegations and unleashed hospital documents for support.

Shakilla’s surprise presence at the wedding pushed all activities to a standstill.

Several men who were present at the event tried calming her down to no avail. The rogue socialite went ahead to attack comedian Eric.

She picked a book from the ground and hurled it at Eric Omondi, who fell over from his seat. All this time, Carol Kamweru started in disbelief at Shakilla’s antics.

Eric then followed Shakilla to settle the issue, but Shakilla met him with more of her punches.

The bridesmaids at the wedding were offended by Shakilla’s arrival, and they yelled at her to vacate the grounds, saying that Eric Omondi did not want to marry her.

Shakilla went on to hurl abuses at Eric Omondi’s wife Carol.

She said that the musician had no shame in getting married to Eric because he fathered another woman’s child. Shakilla insisted that Carol should have convinced Eric Omondi to marry her instead.

Luckily, after several attempts, the groomsmen were able to drag Shakilla out of the event, and the wedding plans resumed as planned.

Eric Omondi is now wedded to Bandbeca’s Carol, and the two have promised to love each other forever from their Instagram posts.

Eric Omondi’s brother Fred Omondi and his fellow comedian Butita graced the lovely event.

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