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Bonfire Adventures CEO bashes fan claiming his wife is unattractive

Several netizens have for a long time been calling Bonfire Adventure’s managing director Sarah Kabu an unattractive woman.

In the past, her husband, Simon Kabu, disclosed that slay queens filled his inbox, claiming he deserves a woman who can take better care of herself.

Simon Kabu finally addressed the issue after hosting a q&a session on his Instagram handle.

One fan inquired if “Simon Kabu finds his wife unattractive at times.”

The businessman shut down the netizen by referring to Sarah Kabu as the most beautiful woman in the world.

He informed netizens that body physique changes as people grow older and asked them to accept their partners as they are.

 Simon Kabu went on to say that when he looks at his wife, he sees the children she’s given him, the companionship, friendship and love they’ve shared throughout the years.

He made it clear that he’s not ínterested in getting a sidechick, as one fan had suggested.

“What do you mean unattractive? Never! She’s the most beautiful person on earth. If it is the the physique you look for in a lady, a 70-year-old won’t be the same as a 20-year-old. We need to appreciate the changes we all go through,” said Simon Kabu. 

The wealthy businessman further revealed that his wife Sarah, who is a few years younger than him, has access to all his bank accounts and that she is the one who gives reports of their expenditure. 

Their Empire

Simon and Sarah jointly founded their multi-million company Bonfire Adventures in 2008.

Simon Kabu shared with his fans that life used to be challenging that they sometimes slept without eating.

When they launched their company, they only possessed a single laptop and a desk at the Arrow office, which they shared with three other people.

Despite being broke, Simon and Sarah were very ambitious. In their first working year, they could not afford employees, and they ended up working up to 18 hours a day to get to where they are now. 

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