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Size 8 overcomes her fear of driving-takes car out for a spin

For the longest time, celebrity musician Linet Muraya popularly known as Size 8, has had a fear of driving despite being a vehicle owner, a phobia that affects several potential drivers.

After a long struggle and with lots of prayers, the gospel minister was yesterday finally able to gather courage and take a vehicle out on a spin.

Excited about her new accomplishment, Size 8 shared the video with her online fans.

She revealed that she has been bound by fear for several years now and is excited that God delivered her.

Going on, Size 8 opened up about conquering one of her other phobias of sleeping in the dark. She termed those fears ‘minyororos, ‘ meaning chains in your life.

The gospel minister promised to teach her fans how to overcome their limiting beliefs and be the best version of themselves through one of her Facebook live sessions.

“I overcame fear, guys HALLELUJAH by the blood of Jesus; I overcame the fear of driving.😭😭😭😭😭 I was so afraid of driving yet siati gari sina. Nilikuwa kwa minyororo ya uwoga for so many years I couldn’t even sleep usiku kwa darkness at some point. But now am free In Jesus amen!!” she wrote.

Recently, Size 8 advised youths to avoid sexual sin, which she referred to as sin against one’s own body.

The ‘moto’ hitmaker who gave up her secular music career for gospel urged people to desist from immoral acts and use their bodies for God’s purpose instead.

Despite being a musician and mother to two gorgeous kids, Size 8 is a radio host at Milele FM.

Every Sunday, she hosts the mid-morning show alongside Dj Ray. She landed the job in February 2021, months after her husband’s cheating scandal went viral.

The cheating saga was brought to light by blogger Edgar Obare, and it cost DJ Mo’s prestigious job at NTV’s Sunday crossover show.

Dj son of nations took over DJ Mo’s job and now hosts the show alongside Pascal Tokodi’s wife, Grace Ekirapa.

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