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Sonko’s daughter opens up on her relationship with baby daddy Ben Gatu

Sonko’s eldest daughter Saumu Mbuvi and her first baby daddy Benson Gatu were not on good terms when they parted ways in 2017.

Sonko’s daughter revealed that her baby daddy had become abusive, forcing her to leave him during the third trimester of her pregnancy.

However, Ben Gatu has redeemed himself over the years and is now a loving father to their daughter.

Unlike Saumu’s other baby daddy Senator Anwar Loitiptip, Ben Gatu supports his child’s financial needs.

In a Q&A session on Instagram, Saumu disclosed that the two are currently on good terms and that they respect each other.

“I have a good relationship with Gatu, we respect each other, and he always has my back,” wrote Saumu Mbuvi.

Saumu and Ben met while studying at JKUAT. When they separated, Sonko’s daughter accused Ben Gatu of using her and other politician’s daughters as a ladder for his aspirations.

In a past interview, Saumu claimed that she started dating Gatu at 21, and being naïve, she thought the relationship would lead to marriage.

Sadly, the affair damaged her, putting her on depression pills for a while.

In an exclusive interview with The Standard, Ben Gatu denied being after Saumu for her fame and money.

He claimed he did not know who Saumu was before they met.

“When I met and began dating Saumu, I hardly knew she hailed from an influential family background, let alone being the senator’s daughter. Our affair is built on affection and trust,” said Gatu.

Senator Anwar Loitiptip does not support his child and never did, even when they lived together as a couple with Saumu.

Miss Mbuvi walked out of her relationship with the senator as he had also become violent, just like Gatu.

In a session with blogger Edgar Obare, Saumu shared photos of how badly senator Anwar had hit her when they were together.

Senator Anwar defended himself from the accusations, claiming that he only hit Saumu once when he wasn’t aware of her bipolar disorder.

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