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Female rapper Ssaru reveals she ventured into music as an excuse to avoid university

Upcoming talented gengetone rapper Ssaru wa Manyaru has managed to become a household name within less than a year after joining the music scene.

Despite showcasing her impeccable talent in the music domain, the young rapper has revealed that she only realised she could rap after completing her high school education in 2018.

According to Ssaru, she dreaded having to join the university in 2019, which pushed her to find any excuse which would keep her home with her parents. That is where the idea of becoming a rapper stemmed from, and Ssaru has not looked back ever since.

During her interview with Sinda Matiko on Sunday Nation, Ssaru disclosed that once her mates joined university, she had to start improvising in order to look serious.

She would lie to her mother about having being called for studio sessions by producers and even start writing songs to prove how dedicated she was to the craft.

However, Ssaru wa Manyaru could not keep faking for long, that she decided to reach out to several producers via social media.

Before long, the talented femcee had been invited by famous producer Motif di don to record a freestyle, which blew up her rapping career almost immediately.

“Honestly, I didn’t realise I had this talent until after completing high school in 2018. I didn’t want to go to campus, so I started making all these excuses to my parents, and music was my scapegoat. I remember lying to my mother plenty of times that a producer had called me to studio. However, the excuse had to be sustained, and so I reached out to a couple of producers via Facebook. Luckily, one day Motif called me to the studio and asked me to record a freestyle, which I later posted and it went viral.” Said Ssaru.

Ssaru further revealed that her mother fully supports her rap career, unlike her father, who is a deeply religious man.

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