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Stivo Simpleboy finds a girlfriend; plans to marry her soon

Kibera born rapper Steven Otieno popularly known as Stivo Simpleboy, has for the first time disclosed that he’s no longer single and has finally met his soulmate.

Speaking to Churchill on his journey series, Stivo opened up about his new girlfriend Fridah, who he plans to wed as soon as Corona restrictions come to an end.

Fridah’s family currently resides in the village, but she lives in Nairobi with her elder brother.

Stivo revealed that he has had a chance to meet his girlfriend’s brother and that he made his intentions known.

Fridah’s brother agreed to give his consent on the condition that Stivo Simpleboy is utterly faithful to his sister.

Simple Boy met Fridah once while he was taking a walk and approached her. He complimented the lady’s beauty and immediately confessed that he had fallen for her.

The two proceeded to exchange phone numbers and got to know each other for some time.

“I met her on a road and approached her. I told her nimekuzimia na tena nimekudata. We exchanged numbers,” began Stivo.

Stivo said that he took things slow as he wanted to know the lady before committing to a relationship with her.

“Siwezi penda mtu mara moja mpaka nijue tabia zake.” he said.

In a previous interview with Jalang’o on Bonga na Jalas

TV, Stivo had shared the characteristics he would want the mother of children to have.

The ‘mihadarati’ hitmaker intimated that his wife should be humble, a go-getter and one who doesn’t yell at him.

He opened up about havíng been in a relationship before, which did not end well.

In another interview with Willy M Tuva, the 29-year-old claimed that he had never been intimate with a woman and promised to remain a virgin until he ties the knot.

He confessed to also having a crush on former miss Tanzania Wema Sepetu and described her as “calm, humble and beautiful.”

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