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Story yao inafanana na za Prophet Owour – Moses Kuria comments on Brenda and Brian

Controversial politician Moses Kuria has given his two thoughts concerning Brenda and Brian coming out to the public.

The Gatundu South Member of Parliament has criticized how the government revealed the two patients to Kenyans.

1st of April saw Uhuru Kenyatta unveil patient zero during a teleconferencing session.

Moses is among many Kenyans who took to social media, commenting on how their stories seem fabricated.

Brenda, during two different interviews, gave out contradicting statements. However, Kenyans were quick to notice the differences and took to social media.

Moses Kuria took it a step further after he likened their alleged recovery story to that of Prophet Owuor healing miracles.

“From a communications point of view, the government of Kenya performed badly on covid-19 yesterday. Forget the prophet Owuor healing Press Conferences for the Brenda and Brian Initiative. Do not be fooled,” the vocal MP stated.

Brenda and Brian, healed coronavirus patients
Recovered Coronavirus patients speak to the public for the first time during a live call with President Uhuru.

Keep safe

However, Kuria went ahead to encourage Kenyans to keep themselves safe during this pandemic.

He encouraged them to maintain high levels of hygiene to avoid getting infected.

Kuria quoted US President Donald Trump, who warned in the next two weeks, 100,000 Americans might die as a result of coronavirus.

“Continue keeping safe. Coronavirus is a very lethal killer. 100,000 Americans may die in the next two weeks as confirmed by President Trump,” Moses added.

My president is lonely

The controversial lawmaker went ahead to say that president Uhuru was lonely. According to Kuria, someone somewhere was misleading Kenyatta.

He, however, noted that the president might be missing his deputy, William Ruto.

“I think someone misled my president yesterday. And I think my president is lonely. I think my president misses his deputy,” the vocal lawmaker commented.

Kuria’s comments come after Brenda revealed contradicting statements during her interviews.

Some Kenyans took it a notch higher when they identified Brenda while talking with Uhuru did not have a gap in her teeth.

However, when talking in the JKL Live interview, the Brenda that was speaking had a gap in her teeth.

Brenda further denied knowing Brian during the JKL interview. However, during an earlier interview, she had revealed Brian is her boyfriend.

Brenda on NTVclaimed she might have contracted the virus in London as she used many trains while there. However, she gave a different answer on JKL Live. She claimed she only spent an hour in London.

These differences have made Kenyans online doubt whether this recovery story is a fabricated one. However, the government has not yet officially addressed these concerns.

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