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Swahili news anchor reveals he was fired twice in encouragement message to Shaffie Weru

Former K24 News Anchor Ahmed Juma Bhalo has encouraged former Homeboyz radio presenter Shaffie Weru to take heart as he was fired after he was fired the Radio Africa Group-owned TV station.

In a tweet, Ahmed revealed that he was fired twice by K24 and he took some lessons from the experience.

He said that he learned that when people are employed, they should not forget themselves and look at the company like it belongs to their fathers. He added that employees can also be fired from their fathers’ companies.

He noted that the second thing that he learned was that being fired is not the end of life.

“Mimi nilifutwa kazi mara 2 na K24TV. Nimejifunza vitu 2: Kwanza, ukiajiriwa mahali usijisahau na kuchukulia kampuni kama ya babako. Hata kwa babako unaweza futwa. Pili, kuachishwa kazi sio mwisho wa maisha. Kaangu Shaffie kila la kheri,” read his message.

The media personality’s message comes at a time when Shaffie Weru and Radio Africa Group are threatening to sue each other.

This was after the former Kiss FM presenter was fired from Homeboyz Radio alongside DJ Joe Mfalme and Neville Musya after victim-shaming a young lady following her near-death experience when she was through of the 12th floor of a building by her Facebook boyfriend for turning down his sexual advances.

In a letter by MMA Advocates, Shaffie demanded Ksh. 21 million for unfair and unlawful termination” of his employment.

According to the letter, Shaffie Weru’s lawyer gave Radio Africa seven days to meet his demands.

It added that failure to that, Shaffie’s lawyer will have firm and unequivocal instructions to institute appropriate legal action against them at their own risk as to and other legal consequences thereon.

The radio personality also argued that his former employer denied him the chance for a fair hearing, discriminated against him, and violated his constitutional rights by circulating his termination letter on social media.

Before his dismissal on March 27, the media personality had reportedly worked for the company for 18 years.

Shaffie Weru wants one month’s salary in lieu of notice totaling Sh682,500, and 12 months’ salary for unfair termination (Sh8,190,000) as well as gratuity totaling Sh12,285,000.

However, Radio Africa Group has countered Shaffie Weru’s demands arguing that they were going to sue him for breach of contract and negligence.

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