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Omosh asks for help again despite receiving almost 1 million shillings from Kenyans

Former Tahidi High actor Joseph Kinuthia aka Omosh Kizangila, is once again pleading for financial help months after receiving close to one million shillings from generous Kenyans.

Speaking early this morning in an interview with TV 47, the funny actor revealed that he spent all the donations he received paying the debts he accrued when broke.

He is currently jobless and mentioned that he only has enough money for survival.

Omosh disclosed that several people had pledged to send him cash but never came through. He appealed to them to fulfil their promise to him, which would make him very grateful.

Omosh reached out to TV 47 viewers and asked for monetary help.

In addition to that, he asked anyone willing to help him purchase a camera, quality phone, tripod stand and two shooting lights, which he will use to create videos for his Youtube channel.

“I had so many debts and I have two families. I gave some of the money to my wife for her to start a business,”

Since sharing his struggle with depression and poverty in February, Omosh has been idle except for landing a few Master of ceremony gigs which he claimed didn’t pay much.

Omosh pleaded for a job in the entertainment industry, as that is where his heart belongs.

Addressing netizens who were complaining about his constant pleas for money, Omosh said that he is only asking people with good hearts who are willing to assist him.

Alcohol addiction

The Tahidi veteran made it clear that he is no longer an alcohol addict. His sister paid for a rehabilitation centre where he went for treatment.

Reason for his downfall

Omosh let his fans know that being famous did not mean he was rich.

He was financially stable during his acting days; however, things went sideways when the Covid19 pandemic hit.

Speaking on what caused his downfall, Omosh blamed his alcohol addiction, lack of investments and keeping the wrong company.