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“No TV station wanted anything to do with me,” Teacher Wanjiku on the day her show got cancelled after one episode

In 2014, hilarious Kikuyu comedian Teacher Wanjiku suffered terrible humiliation when her Citizen Tv show got cancelled after airing a single episode.

The show had been hyped for weeks, but unfortunately, it received severe backlash from Kenyans leading to its cancellation.

According to teacher Wanjiku, that was one of the lowest points of her life. She had to pull back from appearing on TV to rethink her strategy.

Seven years later, the mother of two is proud of how she picked herself from the gutter and rebranded herself.

Speaking on her social media, teacher Wanjiku revealed that she was trolled for one whole month. No television station wanted to work with her anymore, and it took her one year to get over the backlash.

She cautioned Kenyan celebrities against easily trusting people interested in their careers.

According to her, she believed in the producers who promised her she would be on television only to be disappointed later.

Teacher Wanjiku also showered praises at comedian Sleepy David who was her student.

She thanked him for having her back throughout the years as they chased success.

Teacher Wanjiku said she is very proud of Sleepy, who currently hosts his own KTN show dubbed ‘Shining stars.’

She further encouraged Kenyans who have gone through tough times that it is okay to start from scratch.

She stated that she has become bigger and better despite her failure and feels no shame in starting over.

At the time teacher Wanjiku’s show was cancelled, she had quit her fast-rising career at Churchill show.

It took the comedian four years to get her spot back.

“I really thought I got it right, but it was a total flop. There was a lot of politics on why I left Churchill, and no media station wanted to work with me. People thought I was unreliable, and I lost friends. I was bitter and angry,” she previously narrated.

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