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    The best TV stations in Kenya

    If you find it hard to figure out which TV channels to watch and why, do not be bothered, you are definitely not alone. With many channel options at your disposal, it can be complicated to find the one that checks the boxes for you. Because everyone is different when it comes to entertainment preferences, some prefer news, while others want to watch movies and tv-shows. To make it easier for you, we have made a list of some of the most popular TV stations in Kenya.

    How to watch live sport

    If you’re into sports, there are several ways to be able to stream it in Kenya. Many people choose to stream live matches online, via Sky Sports, ESPN, or Stream2Watch. Via these trusted sites, it’s possible to watch live soccer games, as well as many other matches. For people who are more interested in betting, there’s a website where you can check march madness picks, as well as odds on other matches and sports events.

    At you can gain great betting tips, as well as read interesting sports news, and learn more about teams and players as well as many other things. Check it out for yourself via the link above.

    Most popular TV channels

    If we have a look at the viewers of certain tv-channels in Kenya, the most popular one is by far ‘Citizen TV’. This channel has existed since 1990 and has a high focus on local programs in the country. It was also the very first media company that was licensed to have a private radio station back in 98’. Those were different times.

    NTV is the next most viewed channel in the beautiful country of Kenya, giving its viewers both news as well as entertainment. These TV stations have existed since 2005. The third most-watched TV channel is KTN. This station goes back to 1990 and shows news as well as current affairs in the country. There is both KTN News and KTN Home. It’s also possible to watch sports news on KTN. Other popular TV stations include K24, Family TV, Kiss TV, and Kass TV.

    In Kenya, you will find more than 15 TV channels that are licensed. Each one of them offers the viewers different entertainment as well as news. For more information about all of them, you will be able to find more info on this current website. You also can find live streams.

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