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This is for the kids with nothing but just a dream – H_art the band encouraging message after winning prestigious award

Award-winning Kenyan boy-band H_art the band was recently awarded YouTube Creator Award, popularly known as the Silver Plaque, and the fans to thank for always supporting them since they got into the music industry.

The band took to their social media page to narrate how they started from a humble background and to their rise to stardom.

They said that they started at Sauti Academy where there was a Youtube competition. They went on to mention that the school used to open a YouTube page for the students and then recorded one’s video as they performed their own composed songs.

They revealed that the deal was that the student who would get more YouTube views in a month would be awarded a free audio and video recording for the song he or she performed and maybe a record deal.

The deal sounded easy but they would come to later learn that it was not an easy task at the time.

“Even after a WhatsApp broadcast, sending the video to all your Facebook contacts and calling everyone you know to view the video, you had gained not more than 300views. Believe it or not,” read the statement in part.

The band said that after all the struggles they went through, for them getting more than 100,000 subscribers and more than 15 million views on their YouTube channel is not something they take lightly.

They said that they have worked hard day and night to get to where they are at the moment and it is all because of their fans.

They stated that the Plaque is not theirs but for the kids in the ghetto with nothing but a dream.

The band urged the kids to believe and never stop working and one day everything will fall into place.

In December last year, comedian Njugush’s son Tugi also joined a list of celebrities who have reached 100,000 subscribers and he was also given the award.

A week ago, former Mother-in-law actress Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Cate Actress also bagged herself the Silver Plaque award.

The Silver Plaque is awarded if a YouTuber reaches 100,000 subscribers. If they reach I million subscribers they Gold Creator Award. If a person hits 10 million subscribers, they get a glittering Diamond Creator Award.

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