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Switch TV’s Tony Kwalanda denies being in a relationship with 24-year-old

36-year old Switch TV sports anchor Tony Kwalanda has publicly denied dating 24-year-old Yvonne Njenga Chaka days after romantic photos of the two went viral on social media.

Speaking in an interview with Katanu Munyao, Kwalanda clarified that he is still single and that the cosy photos were taken in the heat of the moment as they celebrated his birthday ceremony.

Tony kwalanda added that the lady who shared the pictures was only a fan who was super-excited to meet a celebrity. He explained that he didn’t expect the photos to cause such a big internet fracas.

“It was a blunder, and you know how ladies get very excited when they see a celebrity, I think, especially those who have never met celebrities. So we took pictures and ghafla bin vuu I see them on social media. But in reality, I’m not dating, and I don’t have any other girlfriend as we speak right now. That I can tell you without fear of contradiction,” explained Tony Kwalanda.

The rumours of Kwalanda dating the young engineer began barely two weeks after his ex-girlfriend Joyce Maina publicized their breakup.

Despite the two dating for about six months and getting engaged for marriage, they went their separate ways due to unsolvable differences.

Both Tony and Joyce revealed that the relationship changed them and that they grew emotionally and mentally.

Kwalanda quashed rumours that he cheated on Joyce Maina, stating that he was always faithful, and that is why they’ve remained good friends even past their breakup.

Speaking of people saying that he was not man enough for Joyce Maina due to his controversial Instagram posts, Tony Kwalanda mentioned that his fiancè always championed him to be himself despite the trolls.

He added that the issue never bothered him as they were both madly in love.
Tony Kwalanda further thanked Joyce Maina for helping him grow his brand.

The sports guru revealed that he only had three thousand Instagram followers upon meeting his ex, but his followers stand over thirty thousand now.

“Joyce never wanted to change me, she wanted me to be myself. But people were like haka kakijana kanashukishia Joyce, but it never bothered me. It was a very healthy relationship. I learned a lot of stuff from her; she made me grow in so many things, which I really appreciate,” stated Kwalanda.

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