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Upcoming musician arrested for killing KDF husband claims to be Akothee’s sister

27-year-old Upcoming secular musician Violet Asale aka Zian Achana, is currently in police custody after being arrested on Saturday night for allegedly biting her KDF husband, Daniel Onyango, aged 37, to death.

The songstress, famous for her songs, ‘gimme love, ‘falling in love’ and ‘nimechoka,’ is set to be arraígned in court today to face murder charges for the Gilgil based KDF officer.

The lady recently went on a media tour on several Kenyan TV stations to promote her songs. While on an interview with Ebru TV, she confessed to being musician Akothee’s stepsister.

Zian Achana disclosed that she and musician Esther Akoth alias Akothee share a father, Joshua Owino Kokeyo, but have different mothers.

The two have never met before nor been introduced to each other. However, Zion Achana stated that she learned the news from her mother and has since been trying to reach out to Akothee through social media unsuccessfully.

The resemblance between the alleged sisters is uncanny, from their sense of style to their singing voices.

Violet Asale was arrested late Saturday night after rushing her late husband to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

“Realising he had developed convulsions and was dying, Violet rushed her man to Kahawa Garrison health centre, but ít was too late to save him. His body was cold and without a pulse,” wrote DCI George Kinoti on Twitter.

Their neighbours and close family members reported that a fight ensued between the couple late that night in their bedroom.

Before long, Violet asked for help to carry her husband to the hospital as he was convulsing while bleeding profusely. Investigations uncovered that Violet bit her husband’s chest, shoulder and also bit off his finger.

The incident occurred in Violet’s one-bedroomed house in Mirema drive, Kasarani.

It was reported that the husband was frequently getting into disagreements with his wife over how she could afford her expensive lifestyle.

“So angry was the soldier that he refused to take dinner, which led to an argument and a fight in which she bit off his finger, back of his shoulders and side of the chest,” a detective told Nation.

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