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Update: Comedian Akuku Danger moved from the HDU Unit to the general ward

On Tuesday, actress Sandra Dacha said the comedian had been moved from the High Dependency Unit (HDU) to the general ward.

However, the Auntie Boss actress mentioned that Akuku’s hospital bill currently stands at Sh2.6 million. Having already cleared Sh1.2 million, the actress reported that a balance of Sh1.4 million still remained unpaid.

“Good news is that Akuku Danger has now been transferred to the general ward.

“The hospital bill stands at Sh2.6M but we’ve managed to pay Sh1.2M. So we have a balance of Sh1.4M and this bill is not final and it’s subject to change until Akuku is discharged,” reads Sandra’s update.

She added that there were plans to host a funds drive to help clear the growing hospital bill.

“We are urgently planning for a fundraiser because we don’t have money as at now. Please aki mtusaidie🙏 Msichoke kutuma hata kama mlishatuma. You can send again and again🙏 May God bless all of you.

“Paybill number- 891300, Account name – Akuku,” she added.

Akuku’s Recovery Journey

On January 7, the comedian was moved from Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to the High Dependency Unit (HDU), after doctors confirmed that he can breathe without the help of the machines.

“Akuku Danger has today been transferred from the ICU to the HDU because he can now breathe on his own Hallelujah!🙏

“His 75% lungs that had failed are regenerating well🙏. His kidneys got a small infection but they did a dialysis and they are healing 🙏,” said Sandra Dacha.

Akuku’s Illness Explained

“Akuku Danger was born with Sickle Cell Anemia and it keeps coming and going. That’s cancer of the blood and he is always in and out of the hospital. Being able to come here and entertain you is what has kept him going. Imagine being told you have a year to live.

“Do you know how depressing that is? But he keeps going. The thing with the disease is that when it hits, it hits very hard. So today we want to dedicated this show to Akuku Danger and part of the proceeds from the show will go towards clearing his bill but I want you to share the little you have through this pay bill No. Paybill-891300 (Account number- Akuku Danger),” said Mwalim Churchill during his New Year’s eve show at Garden City Mall.

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