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Vera Sidika grateful to have not sired a child outside wedlock

Vera Sidika is one of the few socialites who have managed to wait till marriage to have kids.

The curvy businesswoman who tied the knot with her best friend and musician Brown Mauzo in October 2020 revealed that she is extremely happy to have not sired a child outside wedlock.

“It’s so amazing because my life ended up following the traditional way, engagement, marriage, kids in future. Wow no babies outside wedlock!” wrote Sidika.

Speaking to her fans on Instagram, she mentioned that she was always on contraceptives in her previous relationships as she was not ready to have children.

Additionally, she described her former boyfriends as ‘jokers and confused men,’ saying they were not fit to be fathers.

Vera Sidika said that Brown Mauzo is the first man to be on the same page with her relationship-wise and mentioned that they would be starting a family soon.

She also claimed to have a very close relationship with her mother-in-law and visits her anytime she’s at the Coast.

Relationship with Tanzanian boyfriend

Vera Sidika described her relationship with her former cute boyfriend, Jimmy Chansa, as one of the most traumatic experiences she’s gone through.

She urged women not to judge a book by its cover, disclosing that the red flags she ignored were the same reason she left the 5-month affair.

Vera sidika pregnancy

Otille Brown’s song

A curious fan inquired if Vera Sidika still listens to the song ‘baby love’ written to her by her ex Otille Brown.

She answered, saying that she does not hate the song and would let it play if she came across it. According to Vera, whatever happened between the two would not make her hate a good song.

In a previous interview with Wasafi TV, ‘dusuma’ hitmaker Otille Brown made it known that it was Vera who pursued him.

He claimed that he had no romantic interest in Vera Sidika before then, but she kept contacting Otille’s manager requesting a meeting.

Otille Brown further accused Vera of aborting his pregnancy as she insisted the baby would not be cute enough.

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