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“He cooks for me and rubs my feet”- Vera Sidika on how her husband treats her during pregnancy

Businesswoman Vera Sidika has opened up on how life has been during pregnancy and her husband Brown Mauzo’s effort to ensure she’s most comfortable.

According to queen Vee, her husband does not let her tire herself with house chores and has taken up responsibilities such as cooking for her.

She claimed her husband feeds her and rubs her feet often. Additionally, Brown Mauzo does not mind sacrificing his sleep to give Vera back massages when she needs them.

Vera described her relationship with Brown Mauzo as the best one she’s ever had.

She referred to Brown Mauzo as the most amazing human because he goes above and beyond to make her happy.

“Ever since we found out we will be having our bundle of joy, even in my smooth preggo journey, he’s gone above and beyond to treat me like an egg. I don’t touch anything. He feeds me, cooks for me and rubs my feet. I love you Brown Mauzo and will never stop,” said Vera.

Vera sidika pregnant

Pregnancy experience

Unlike many first time moms, Vera says her pregnancy has been unproblematic and stress-free.

So far, she has not experienced any morning sickness, pregnancy or nausea. She claims she comfortably prepares meals also goes for runs.

Vera Sidika is yet to know the gender of her baby but has promised to hold a massive gender reveal party in Nairobi once she does.

The retired socialite relocated from Mombasa to Nairobi, where she will be for the rest of the year.

Why she’s having a baby now

Vera Sidika disclosed that she planned to have a baby because she felt it was the right time and not because of the pressure of social media in-laws.

She stated that she did not expect Kenyans to honestly be happy for her like they are.

Vera shared this good news yesterday through a video of her maternity shoot, which she posted on Instagram.

The soon to be mother of one couldn’t hide her joy as she caressed her baby bump.

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