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Vera Sidika on why she took a one-year-break from glamorous lifestyle

Many fans have been curious about why curvy socialite Vera Sidika was no longer living her fancy lifestyle, which included the frequent expensive trips abroad.

Going on her social media, she finally decided to come clean on why she took a social media break, revealing that she would soon be back to her usual self.

Currently married, Sidika has been in the limelight for seven years now. According to her, dressing up and putting on makeup for appearances on a daily basis became tiring.

After the government initiated the Covid19 travel ban, Vera Sidika grabbed the opportunity and relocated to Mombasa, where she has been living a stress-free life with her husband.

Vera Sidika chose to reside in Mombasa as that is where she grew up, and also, residents there barely recognize her which gives her freedom.

She revealed that she’s getting tired of being a homebody and will be back to her usual ways in two months.

“Been on a very long social media leave which I love and enjoy. I can’t believe I have stayed with zero makeup and heels for one year. I craved that life; I had missed my old self aki. Wearing deras, driving around town, walking around Marikiti with my girls, and have no soul recognize me pure bliss. I’ll resume in two months full force,” she wrote.

To those people calling the curvy queen broke because she no longer goes on flights, she stated that she has been to every country she ever wanted, and it reached a point where all that became boring.

Vera said that the last trip she took was to South Africa just before the onset of corona.

Being exhausted by all her travels, Vera was not interested in even taking pics of the trip. According to her, she lived in luxury for so long that she was no longer excited.

Vera sidika

The businesswoman recently shut down pregnancy rumours surrounding her, revealing that getting a child is not on her agenda right now.

Vera also celebrated the sixth month anniversary of her marriage to Brown Mauzo.

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