Home Entertainment Victoria Kimani disowns Kenya after Naomi Campbell gets appointed Magical Kenya ambassador

Victoria Kimani disowns Kenya after Naomi Campbell gets appointed Magical Kenya ambassador

United States super-model Naomi Campbell’s appointment as Magical Kenya ambassador highly angered American-born Kenyan singer Victoria Kimani.

Hours after the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife under Najib Balala announced the decision, Victoria Kimani took to Twitter, where she shared her disappointment with Kenya’s government.

She started by stating that she is not happy with the fact that Kenya barely supports their own International celebrities, i.e., herself and the likes of Lupita Nyong’o.

According to her, the government ought to have considered celebrities with Kenyan Citizenship for the position before settling for 50-year-old Naomi.

Immediately she tweeted, one of her fans rushed to ask what she was mad about, to which she answered, “the government.”

Having lived in West Africa for most of her adult life, Victoria Kimani denounced her affiliation with Kenya and insisted that she is Ghanaian from now henceforth.

“What part of support your mofos don’t you get. Kenyans never cease to amaze me. F** it, I’m from Ghana now. ” wrote a pissed off Victoria.

Ghanaians were very quick to accept the singer to their country, with many saying that she would fit right in with the Fante speaking tribe in Western Ghana.

On the other hand, Kenyans attacked the singer for seeking their sympathy, yet she spends most of her time in West Africa.

“But she has always gone with the Naija vibe from day one, sasa anataka nini from Kenyans? Ghanaians wakimkubali wamchukue.” wrote Mutinda, a fan on Instagram.

Naomi Campbell’s appointment aimed to boost the Ministry of Wildlife and tourism by attracting more tourists into the country.

Hon. Najib Balala made it clear that the move does not negatively affect our domestic market but strengthens it.

Others dissatisfied by Campbell’s appointment.

Appointed senator was also among the people highly disturbed by Naomi’s appointment. She revered the government for hiring Campbell, who she termed as a tired model.

“Ministry of Tourism taps Naomi Campbell, a tired model who has lost her mojo to be the Magical Kenya international Brand Ambassador. Why not @Lupita_Nyongo or one of our daughters of international repute? Lol,” wrote Millicent Omanga on Twitter.

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