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We were forced to fight and not paid – Nairobi Diaries actress reveals

Former Nairobi Diaries actress Maureen Imbayi, alias Black Cinderella has come out with damning accusations against the owner of the reality show, which aired from 2016 on K24 TV.

During an interview with Tuko’s Lynn Ngugi, the socialite disclosed that she was only paid seven thousand shillings for the episodes she appeared in.

Upon asking for the rest of her payment, Black Cinderella stated that their boss claimed she had paid them with exposure.

The employer further told the actresses that she made them famous enough to lure rich politicians into having sex for huge amounts of cash.

Black Cinderella was initially promised a payment of a hundred and thirty thousand shillings.

An angry Black Cinderella further opened up on how they were forced to fight, be vulgar and bring up controversy in the show so as to attract viewers.

“I was promised sh 130,000, just to come on this show and be vulgar and attract controversy. She used to approach and tell me, Cinderella can you beat up Bridget? I want you to do that. She used to set me up mainly with Mishi Dorah or Bridget Achieng.”

When asked about how she landed the acting opportunity on Nairobi Diaries, the curvy actress said that the only qualification needed was being able to fight.

” First I showed up I was asked, what’s your name… Can you fight? I said yes because me I’m that person… Producer akasema thank you… Nikapita interview. That was how I got the job…”

Black Cinderella deeply regrets being a part of the controversial reality show. She accused her employer of making her life worse by reigniting her violent side.

Vera Sidika, who was the lead actress in the reality series, quit in February 2016.

Vera sighted that she was tired of being used by the show’s producers, who didn’t mind tarnishing her brand.

Vera did not appreciate being mistaken for a nosy gossip, as that is how the show portrayed her.

The show featured other famous socialites like Noti Flow, Vanessa Chettle, Michelle Yola, Pendo and Risper Faith.

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