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Weezdom gets back with ex-girlfriend months after announcing break up

Weezdom, Bahati’s former manager, has rekindled his relationship with ex-girlfriend Mylee Staicey six months after their publicized social media break-up.

Weezdom and Mylee unfollowed each other on Instagram at the end of November 2020. In January 2021, Mylee confirmed that the two were no longer together via a q & a session.

A few days ago, Weezdom hinted that he was missing Mylee.

They were then spotted hosting a live Instagram session over the weekend, all cuddled up and calling each other ‘babe’.

Mylee Staicey was caught up in a sex scandal involving FBI dancer Ezra in December 2020.

She was accused of having an affair with Ezra, which many assumed was the reason why she broke up with Weezdom.

Mylee Staicey and Weezdom had dated for three years before calling it quits. He, however, introduced her to the world in January 2020.

Sharing details on how they met, the former controversial musician revealed that Mylee was his friend’s ex.

Weezdom was invited to solve a dispute between the couple and walked away with Mylee as his girlfriend.


During the few months that the couple had separated, Weezdom dated Maria actress Dorea Chege a.k.a Maggie.

Though Dorea Chege and Weedom tried to keep their relationship lowkey, they were a few cosy photos of them circulating social media.

One time, Dorea mentioned that she really cared about Weezdom in a social media comment section.


At the beginning of May, the former EMB signee quit his job as Bahati’s manager.

He thanked Bahati for the opportunity and prayed that he finds more efficient people to work with.

Weezdom mentioned that he had reached a point in his life where he needed to venture into other occupations.

He was appointed as Bahati’s manager last year, a few months after quitting the gospel industry over what he termed as ‘hatred’.

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