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Weezdom’s ex-girlfriend now dating actor Ronald Ndubi

Weezdom’s ex-girlfriend Dorea Chege, popularly known for her role as Maggie in the former Citizen Tv series, Maria has moved on to a new partner a few months after breaking up with the entertainer.

Going on her Instagram account today, the gorgeous fashion lover has announced that she is now dating her fellow actor, Ronald Ndubi.

He played the role of Victor Hausa in the Maria series too.

Dorea posted a video of the couple cruising around in a vehicle, and Ronald is seeing kissing his new lover on the cheek to confirm their union.

They also accompanied their post with love emojis and cute messages.

Dorea Chege began dating Bahati’s former manager Weezdom, moments after he broke up with his girlfriend, Mylee Staicey, in November 2020.

Weezdom and Staicey had dated for close to three years but went their separate ways for an unknown reason.

He then proceeded to date Dorea for a few months. Their relationship was not highly publicized on social media except for a few romantic photos which were leaked by their fans.

The two, however, let people know they were dating by the sweet comments they shared on Instagram.

The two, then broke up, and Weezdom chose to reconcile with his ex Mylee. Nevertheless, Weezdom has still maintained his close relationship with Dorea Chege.

Apart from being a great actor, Ronald Ndubi is also a fashion stylist, content creator and writer.

It was previously reported that Ronald is a father of two children.

Victor has been in the film industry for a long time now and is credited for his roles on shows like, Tabasamu and Mheshimiwa, which featured in KTN.

During his days as a model, Ronald Ndubi worked with big companies such as Cocacola, Safaricom and Co-operative bank.

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