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Wilbroda emotionally recalls losing daughter eight years ago

In honour of Mothers day, celebrated Papa Shirandula actress Jaqueline Nyaminde famously known as Wilbroda, for the first time disclosed that she lost her daughter Atis in 2013.

In an emotional Instagram post, the mother of one recalled how excited she was at conceiving her child, only to have a miscarriage three months later.

Wilbroda had bonded with the child and hoped she would be a girl, so she named her Atis, short form for Atieno.

“In 2013, I got pregnant again. I was elated. But then, at three months, I noticed abnormal spotting, and my heart just sank. The doctor confirmed it, and I went for an evacuation two days later. That was a sad period for me,” narrated Wilbroda.

Wilbroda has, however, continued being a great single mother to her ten-year-old son Xolani.

She revealed that she gave birth to Xolani through a c-section and thanked her close friends, Victor Gatonye and King Lambourghini, for being by her side during that tough time.

Four days after being discharged from hospital, Wilbroda began suffering from severe anxiety and would find herself crying at night.

She persevered in her situation without telling anyone until she got better. She later understood that she had been suffering from post-partum depression.

In relation to her experience, Wilbroda asked mothers to be strong when facing challenges they don’t understand.

Relationship with baby daddy

Wilbroda and her baby daddy are not together; however, they are actively co-parenting.

In a past interview with Joyce Gituro, Wilbroda disclosed that she got pregnant nine months after they began dating.

She was ready to settle down, however, they started having terrible arguments that would leave Wilbroda fearing for her life.

One day as she came from work, Wilbroda’s baby daddy asked her to leave his house without their child.

The late Papa Shirandula intervened, and the baby daddy agreed to give her more time.

Two weeks later, Wilbroda found an apartment and moved out with her son and housegirl.

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