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Willis Raburu explains why he walked out in the middle of today’s live Tv show

Citizen Tv’s Daybreak show host, Willis Raburu, has been forced to explain to his fans why he had to walk out in the middle of airing today’s live segment.

The entertainer has never pulled such a move before, which left many of his fans worried for his welfare.

The day started well for upcoming artist Willis Raburu, joined by his cohosts Isaac Swila and Steve Shitera on Citizen Tv’s Daybreak morning show.

However, the ten over ten host seemed a bit gloomy, which was not like his usual excited nature.

The show progressed fine, with the cohosts engaging in their typical banter.
Little did they know that Willis Raburu was quietly suffering while falling sicker by the minute.

Suddenly, the show went on a break, and upon its resumption, Willis Raburu was nowhere to be seen. None of his cohosts divulged any details regarding Raburu’s disappearance, and the show continued as planned.

A few moments later, the Bazutainment CEO took to Twitter, where he revealed what happened.

Willis Raburu shared that he suddenly fell sick while in the middle of airing, which forced him to leave immediately.

He is currently on his way to receive treatment and assured fans that everything would be fine.

He apologized for any inconvenience he caused and thanked his cohosts Steve and Isaac, for keeping the show going in his absence.

“So sorry had to unceremoniously disappear from TV this morning on Daybreak Citizen T. Fell ill midshow and had to leave. I’ll be okay. Thanks, @Isaacswila, and @Sshitera, for holding it down for me. Off to get some treatment,” wrote Willis Raburu.

Willis Raburu other projects

Aside from working for Citizen Tv, Willis Raburu doubles as a gengetone rapper and entertainer.

He made his music debut four months ago by releasing the major banger ‘kalale.’ His song featured famous names like Mejja Okonkwo, Reckless, Breeder Lw, and Sylvia Saru.

The song was able to amass about 5.7 million views on Youtube, making it one of Kenya’s most viewed songs last year.

Willis also recently began his weight loss journey, where he disclosed that he currently weighs 150kilograms. He hopes to reduce his weight through dieting and exercise.

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