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    Willis Raburu Says He Ditched News Anchoring Because Entertainment Allows Him to Be Authentic

    • Willis Raburu was a regular news anchor and entertainment show host at the same time at Royal Media Services
    • However, the media personality dropped the news anchoring role and this spot was taken over by Mukami Wambora
    • Raburu has since diverted his focus on the entertainment show and he has explained he is happy due to the freedom he gets from it unlike news presentation

    Citizen TV journalist Willis Raburu has disclosed why he dropped his former role of news anchoring at the media house.

    Willis Raburu explains why he quit the news anchoring role at Citizen TV.

    On Wednesday, December 8, one of his fans asked him on Instagram why he quit anchoring news despite him being good at it.

    The fan added that he had thought that the journalist would transition to anchoring the news on prime time because he perfectly suited the job.

    Responding to the fan, the media personality said he decided to cut a niche for himself on the entertainment side because he naturally fits in there.

    He divulged that hosting 10 over 10 shows gives him a lot of freedom when it comes to running the programme.

    Raburu also said that the current newscasters at Citizen TV are up to the task and that is why he has never looked back at his former role.

    This is what he said:

    “I can go back if I want but I chose my niche and I am so happy doing entertainment because I get to be me. Plus we have a lineup of top anchors at RMS who are doing so well. I picked my line and stuck to it and it is paying off allowing me much more freedom.”

    Raburu hosting entertainment show video:

    Raburu shows off his father’s stunning mansion

    In other news, the lively journalist shared a nice video as he displayed his parents beautiful home in his rural land.

    One could spot the lovely front yard with lots of trees and nice grass, a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the sunny weather.

    Before getting to the house, one has to drive or walk on a long driveway that gets you to the main building and also gives you time to take in the lovely environment.


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