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Willy Paul mocks Bahati & Diana Marua, apologizes to Kenyans for their ‘bad’ songs

On Thursday, Pozze put up a post drumming support for his new Album ‘The African Experience’ while describing the Bahati’s as “the family of manduru na ma off-keys”.

The Saldido President also apologized to Kenyans, alleging that they had been ‘traumatized’ by Diana B’s new rapper song.

“Tired of listening to bad music from that family? The family of manduru na ma off-keys?? I know most of you are still traumatized coz of that ka incident… don’t worry I got you covered n ready to help.

On November, 29 2021, Marua joined the music industry as a rapper. She announced that she would now go by the stage name “Diana B” stating that her fans have known her as Diana Bahati and she wanted to keep things simple.

Her inaugural jam Hatutaachana addressed any naysayers who have been waiting for her and Bahati to break up. The two have been together since 2017 and have two children together.

The song is also a remix to a song done by Bahati, Mtaachana Tuu, in which Diana B featured as an actor.

Now calling herself “the African queen of afro rap”, she has promised to release one more song before the end of the year.

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