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    Willy Paul pardons Rayvanny for stealing his song

    The Kenyan hitmaker, Willy Paul has come forward on the eve of the new season to announce his forgiveness for all who have wronged him claiming that he does not want to cross over to the new decade with grudges. Among those on top of his pardon list is the Tanzanian star Rayvanny with whom he claims stole his song.

    Willy Paul accuses Rayvanny of stealing his song chuchuma, which they were to work on together, the Kenyan star having produced the instrumentals and the reference tracks but Rayvanny went ahead to produce the song alone. The song, however, hit the waves on the better part of this year giving Rayvanny more fame not only within the Tanzanian borders but also internationally. Willy Paul, however, in one of his social media handles went ahead to forgive Rayvanny stating:

    Anthem!! Tag this guy…ajione song ilivyo kubwa kubwa…big up everyone kwa support yenu..##mmmh1 I dont want to end the year with grudges manzee. God said, learn to forgive right? So haijalishi nini ama nini. Wacha kazi iendelee…this song is still a masterpiece manzee. Big up brother.. @rayvanny”

    Willy Paul artistic works have been commendable, especially after producing several hit songs at a go early this year, a factor which made him be ranked among the top artists in Kenya.

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