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Xtian Dela reveals people are offering him illegal money to run his campaign

Ever since blogger turned politician Arthur Mandela alias Xtian Dela began his campaign for Westlands Member of parliament seat, he has complained of how expensive his new career path is.

The former Kiss 100 radio host runs his campaigns via his social media handles, where he has amassed a massive followíng over the years.

Going on his Instagram stories, Xtian Dela revealed that he feels pressured to quit this new endeavour as he has no funds to finance his campaign.

He said that politics has turned out to be too expensive, especially since he is currently using his own money to run everything.

Xtian Dela further mentioned that hundreds of people have offered him illegal money for his campaigns.

He has, however, refused to take any of it, highlighting that his conscience would not allow it.

Despite these challenges, Xtian informed his fans that he does not want to fail his generation.

He asked youths to contribute any amount of money to his cause and promised to print a list of the names of all contributors once elected MP in the coming 2022 election.

He would then proceed to pin the list on his wall as a constant reminder of all those who believed in him.

“Running politics is expensive, and honestly, we don’t have the money for this. We don’t want to seal money or get money illegally. We have turned down hundreds of people offering illegal money because our conscience can’t be right about it,’ wrote Xtian.

LGBTQ stand

Netizens severely trolled Xtian Dela on May 31st for announcing that he will champion for LGBTQ rights once elected in office.

He argued that all human beings deserve the right to love and spend their lives with whomever they choose despite their sex or people’s opinions.

Xtian disclosed that he could not sleep last night due to the number of bullies that attacked him online, via his text messages and even phone calls for stating his stand on the matter.

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