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Blogger turned politician vows to fight for LGBTQ rights once elected Westlands MP

Club Covid host Arthur Mandela popularly known as Xtian Dela, recently announced that he will be vying for the Westlands Member of Parliament seat in the coming 2022 elections.

Once elected, the former blogger has promised to champion for the legalization of gay and lesbian relationships.

Speaking through his social media platform earlier today, Xtian revealed that he has amazing LGBTQ friends and is of the opinion that they should be allowed to practice their love openly.

Xtian Dela argued that everyone was created equal, and thus everyone’s choice matters even if it’s not what many people advocate for.

He urged Kenyans to understand that the LGBTQ community is growing rapidly, and thus they need to be protected publicly and constitutionally.

He spoke against those who insulted and criminalized homosexuals and mentioned that no one deserves to live in hiding because of love.

“Most young people in Kenya are part of the LGBTQ community! You and I both have amazing gay friends and we have no issue about it. It’s high time we as Kenyans accepted the fact and legislated laws that protect them instead of criminalizing and insulting them,“ he said.

Xtian Dela finished by urging all LGBTQ members in the country to change their votes to Westlands so they could vote for him.

The vlogger decided to hop on the political bandwagon, sighting that he is tired of seeing youths suffer from lack of job opportunities.

He promised to close down his private businesses so he could help run the country as he is tired of fighting from the sidelines.

However, many Kenyans on social media are not convinced that Xtian Dela is the change the youths need.

Many insisted that social media fame does not equate to actual votes and advised the 31-year old against wasting his time.

“It’s one thing to get desperate h**s to twerk on Instagram at ungodly hours and it’s something else to get people to vote for you. Men are their history in this serious streets, they are judged by that,” wrote a fan named Otieno Mokaya on Twitter.

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