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20-year-old Yasmin a.k.a Maria appointed new Indomie brand ambassador

Yasmin Saidi, who is known to many as Maria wa Kitaa has been appointed the new brand ambassador for top noodle company Indomie in Kenya.

Being only 20 years old,  Yasmin is one of the youngest ever brand ambassadors to be recruited by the company.

Yasmin Saidi has already taken the mantle as the new ambassador by partnering with the company in an initiative dubbed Jiamini; where they help young girls with basic amenities such as sanitary towels and foodstuffs.

Maria participated in her first public appearance and community giveaways yesterday in Kibera where she grew up in, and together they were able to help 400 women and young girls.

“I’m happy and grateful about today, my first CSR with indomie¬† I started from Kibra, and I appreciate the love and support I get from you every day. We donated foodstuffs to over 400 women and young girls in Kibra.” Wrote Maria on her twitter handle.

Reports say that indomie Kenya was proud of Maria’s achievement at such a young age and thus chose to empower other Kibera born girls so that they knowledge that they too can make it just like their counterpart.

Yasmin a.k a. Maria has replaced Diana Marua who was Indomie’s ambassador from the month of June 2020.

Diana had taken the job from her husband Bahati, who had occupied the position from early January this year.

Diana Marua was famous for advertising the noodles through her Youtube cooking show dubbed ‘Cook and Reveal’ where she used to share intimate details of her life while preparing some of her favourite meals.

Yasmin Saidi is adored by many for her uncanny impression of a slum bred girl in Citizen TV series Maria.

She joined the TV show immediately after completing her high school studies at Ribe girls high school.

Yasmin’s current net worth is estimated to be over 5 million Kenyan shillings.

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