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Yummy Mummy’s pseudo account that she uses for to fight battles exposed

Ebru Tv presenter Joan Obwaka alias Yummy Mummy has been exposed for using a fake Instagram account registered under a different name to fight her online wars.

The alleged account is registered as Janet Shiku, accompanied by a model’s profile picture. 

No celebrity has ever been suspected or caught before hiding behind a fake social media account in Kenya.

However, you should never underestimate Kenyans when they are trying to find facts about something.

The alleged pseudo account recently approached several media houses, including Ghafla Kenya, with information regarding Yummy Mummy’s ex-husband Zach Munyi.

Zach was apparently suing blogger Edgar Obare for disclosing his personal information and the account even sent letters from a lawyer to confirm the allegations. 

Surprisingly, neither Yummy Mummy nor her husband reached out to Obare with the court order.

Blogger Obare shared the issue with his fans, who went an extra mile to find out who the pseudo account belonged to.

The fake Instagram account was registered using Yummy Mummy’s official email, [email protected], and phone number, which she also uses for her real Instagram account.

“Ebu look, if someone threatens you with a pseudo account, just pretend like you are logging into the account…Ig yenyewe ndio watakupea details. The log-in details are all the same buana. If you will open a pseudo account, at least be smart and use a different number to open the account. This woman leo amepatikana” wrote the netizen who uncovered Yummy Mummy’s pseudo account.

Obare’s beef with Yummy Mummy

Edgar Obare has been talking about Yummy Mummy’s marriage over the past few weeks.

The issue was brought to him by fans who realised that the TV host was no longer wearing her wedding ring, nor was she seen with her husband anymore like in the past.

She got angered by the situation and even snubbed her curious fans who tried inquiring.

“I am sick of these questions about Zach and my marriage. Are you asking because you care, or you just want tea? Examine your heart and your intentions,” she wrote.

A few months ago, Yummy Mummy was also spotted speaking negatively towards Edgar Obare, who had almost died from an allergic reaction to seafood at Artcaffe in Nairobi.

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