Bahati’s ex Yvette Obura speaks on her relationship with Diana Marua


Bahati’s ex-girlfriend and baby mama Yvette Obura finally addressed burning questions from her fans regarding her relationship with Diana Marua.

Many were curious about whether there was beef between the two since Yvette is never spotted with Bahati’s family.

However, her daughter Mueni spends most weekends and holidays with Diana Marua’s children.

The 27-year-old revealed that there was bad blood between the two during the beginning of Bahati’s relationship with Diana.

However, over the years, they reconciled and mended their relationship.

They are currently on excellent terms but only talk when Diana Marua picks up or drops Mueni at Yvette’s house.

She even reported that she is very comfortable with her daughter spending time at Diana Marua’s home.

“True, I’m on good terms with Diana Marua. I’d say a lot, but I thank God for where we are right now,” answered Yvette.

Answering another curious fan, Yvette stated that she is not jealous of Diana Marua’s position in Bahati’s life.

She is even ready to do a youtube video with Diana to share how their dislike for each other turned to love and acceptance.

Yvette Obura refuted rumours saying that she has private meetings with Bahati or that she has a tattoo of the singer’s name on her body.

She affirmed that she is currently in a serious relationship with an unnamed Kamba man.

She even shared that she is ready to have two more kids for him.

Yvette Obura opened up about giving birth at the tender age of 22 and confirmed that Bahati helped raise Mueni since childhood.

The singer provides for the child’s basic needs and caters for any trip her mother is talking with her.

“Bahati does not cater for my vacations, but any trip with Mueni he does.”

Due to their successful co-parenting, Yvette Obura is a fan of the Bahati’s and never misses any of their Youtube videos.

“False. I never look at Diana Marua’s life and wish I were in that position. I also don’t have any tattoo of Bahati on my body,” said Yvette.

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