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Zari Hassan reacts to Tanasha Donna’s visit to Tanzania

Kenyan pop singer Tanasha Donna jetted to Tanzania on January 22nd, 2021, together with her child Naseeb Junior to spend some quality time with her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz.

Immediately after her uneventful arrival to the country, curious fans rushed to her fellow baby mama Zari Hassan’s page to inquire about her thoughts on the matter.

A few weeks ago, the South African businesswoman had travelled to Tanzania with two of Diamond Platnumz’s children.

The kids spent their time touring the country and enjoying luxuries from their father, who they had not seen for two years.

@E.v.e.r “Zari, Tanasha nae kaleta mtoto. Unajiskiaje uko ulipoo?” inquired the nosy fan.

Zari Hassan did not appreciate the fan poking her nose into her family’s business and sarcastically thanked her for the gossip.

She made the netizen know that she does not mind Wasafi Ceo Diamond Platnumz spending quality time with any of his other children.

“Asante kwa umbea. Wacha nijinyonge. Learn to mind your business. Mwanaume siyuna watoto wengine. Smh! ” replied Zari Hassan.

‘Liar’ song maker Tanasha was received with very little excitement in Tanzania, unlike her counterpart Zari Hassan who commanded the attention of all media houses in the country.

None of Diamond Platnumz’s family members showed interest in her presence with mama Dangote even tweeting a photo of Zari Hassan’s children after she had arrived.

She was also in such a hurry that the news reporters could get very little from her.

Tanasha Donna and her son were then escorted to Diamond Platnumz’s huge mansion.

She shared a cute video on her Instagram page of her son Naseeb Junior and his father chilling and enjoying a wonderful time together.

Tanasha revealed that she would also be recording an upcoming music video with Tanzanian songstress Nandy while she tours the country.

Tanasha’s relationship with her baby daddy.

Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz were not on speaking terms many months after their separation.

This led to Tanasha branding the superstar a deadbeat dad as she took care of all her child’s needs herself.

However, towards the end of last year, things changed between the two, and Diamond Platnumz now tries his best to take pay for his child’s requirements.

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