Human right group sues government over quarantine cost


A human rights organisation filed a court petition for the state to cater for costs incurred by individuals in quarantine.

A group by the name Muhuri-Muslims for Human Rights-said those isolated and quarantined are being forced to pay for expenses, which the government should pay.

Muhuri went on to sue the Inspector General of Police, the Health Cabinet Secretary, and the Attorney General at Mombasa High Court. The groups argue that the government has the authority to pay bills on behalf of Kenyans.

Further, the organisation says most people in the facilities are poor and can’t afford to pay the money. Let alone, raising Ksh 2,000 to help them feed their families daily.

“It goes without much arguing that the government received money from the World Health Organization. Those finances were meant to help in the fight against local transmission of covid-19,” said Khelef Khalifa, the Chairman for Muhuri.

The group went ahead to demand that the county or local government declares to pay all monies for treatment and health care. This is concerning matters pertaining to the covid-19 epidemic.

Public Health Act

Muhuri shed more light on section 27 of the Public Health Act. It states that in the wake of a health pandemic, and a health official confirms one is infected, local authorities must find out the cost of treatment needed for the entire period of isolation.

He said that quarantine facilities were in a pathetic state, and this could lead to the spread of other infections.

Part of the petition stated. “Due to lack of proper sanitation, individuals in quarantine facilities are at great risk of contracting the dreaded covid-19 virus.”

As stated by Muhuri, lack of authorities to separate infected persons from those without the virus may lead to the spread of the virus further.

The organisation added that’s in the public eye that isolation facilities lack enough food, beds, and other basic needs.

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