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Terrence Creative complains of being denied access to his daughters

Comedian Terrence Creative has taken to his Instagram stories to reveal that his baby mama Eunice Waneta has denied him joint custody of their two daughters, who are 13 and 9 years old.

Terrence Creative’s baby mama, who is currently in a relationship, relocated to a different house without sharing their new address with him.

She proceeded to pull one of Terrence’s daughter’s from the school where he used to visit her.

Terrence complained that it has been painful not bonding with his daughters since he has been a good father and even pays child support.

He disclosed that he is only able to see one of his daughter’s who studies in Nakuru.

The content creator has visited children’s court to get joint custody of his kids. However, he said that his baby mama has refused to let their daughters visit their dad’s home.

In seven years, Terrence’s children have visited him once.

“I only visit them at school coz mahali walikua wanaishi walihama, and I don’t know where wanaishi saa hii. Inauma sana after kukuwa a good dad and provider bado nanyimwa shared custody,” said Terrence.

The comedian is currently married to Youtuber Milly Chebby, and they are blessed with one daughter, Millanetai.

Terrence’s relationship with Eunice Wanita

Terrence Creative and his baby mama met at the children’s home they grew at.

In a past Facebook post, Eunice Waneta revealed that the comedian left her to raise their kids alone when she was only 23 years old and had nothing to her name.

In mid-2020, the baby mama approached Edgar Obare, where she narrated how Terrence had become violent in their relationship that he gave her a black eye during a fight.

She was angry that Terrence only acknowledged her once she got her life on track.

“He left us when we had nothing, and he has been on-and-off, but since he knows I am in a good position to raise my kids, that’s why he wants to show the world he’s a present father figure,” she said.

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