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5 things you can do to help the environment

Saving the earth’s environment is much easier than we think. The little things we do to stop the greenhouse effect do matter. A lot of activists have been at the forefront of advocating for people to go green. While you might love to try out online gaming with a Betin promotion code, you should also try to ensure that you play your part when it comes to taking care of the environment.

The Top 5 Tips to Help You Get Started

Taking care of the environment around you doesn’t mean giving away money. Instead, it’s about bringing in small changes to how you live, so that you appreciate nature more.

Taking care of the environment is not just a responsibility but a privilege. In the spirit of World’s environment day held on June 5, the following are five things one can do to care for the environment.

  1. Save Water.

The little things matter. If you are brushing your teeth, turn off the water this can save up to 6 litres of water. If you have a leaking tap or toilet, you might be wasting over 757 litres of water daily. Try drinking tap water instead of bottled water, so that the packaging is not wasted at all. Consider taking short showers or putting a regulator on your shower head to put an upper limit on flow rates.

  1. Reduce Waste and Recycle.

Reducing waste starts within the comfort of our own homes. Unless you live a zero-waste lifestyle there is always room for improvement when it comes to waste management.

Every product we buy has an environmental footprint, from the materials used to produce it and pollution emitted during manufacturing and transportation. Plastic pollution has had a huge impact on our planet. The results are clear having drastic effects on marine life and the ever increasing landfills.

Thus little changes such as switching to clothing bags, recycling cans and bottles can make a huge difference in waste output. Remember the mantra” reduce, reuse, recycle.”

  1. Walk or ride your bike to school or work.

Leave your car at home and walk or ride your bike to anywhere. This will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1520 pounds. Moreover, it is a great work out you will be burning calories thus improving your health. Every car not on the road makes a difference to the environment.

  1. Switch energy provider.

Choose a greener power energy provider. Each year electronic companies produce an excess of 2.5 million incompatible power supplies. Another 700 million is dumped in landfills. Selecting an energy provider that is low on carbon and uses renewable sources of energy is the best thing to do.

  1. Buy products in a sustained fashion.

Purchasing consciously can have a huge impact on our lifestyles. This means that not only do we save money, but reduce clutter in homes which ends up as waste.

These five tips are all you need to bring about the change. Are you ready yet?



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