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    Alert study against sustained intake of ibuprofen in humans

    A recent study conducted by Inserm researchers shows that sustained intake of ibuprofen induces in young men sport hormone imbalance usually encountered in older men called “compensated hypogonadism”. This situation results from the negative effects of ibuprofen on the production of testosterone, and on the production of two other testicular hormones.

    The sustained intake of ibuprofen induces in young men sport hormonal imbalance usually encountered in the elderly man called “compensated hypogonadism”.

    The most consumed drug in the population

    The ibuprofen , available without prescription, is one of the most consumed drugs in the population. This analgesic and anti-inflammatory drug is used especially in case of headaches and teeth , chronic pain , flu , fever, but also in the context of certain rheumatic diseases . In addition, many studies show that ibuprofen is used massively by athletes, often in self-medication or under the pressure of their professional entourage.

    Three studies in support

    This new study by Inserm researchers, who have already shown the potential deleterious effects of aspirin and paracetamol on adult human testis and ibuprofen on testicular development during pregnancy , with colleagues from other institutions French and Danish, articulates in an unprecedented way:

    • A clinical trial involving 31 male sports volunteers between the ages of 18 and 35, half of whom took ibuprofen.
    • Cultures of human testes fragments exposed to ibuprofen and derived from samples related to therapeutic actions or organ donation.
    • And from cultures of an immortalized line of human cells.

    Direct negative effects of ibuprofen

    The results of the clinical trial show that when men were exposed to ibuprofen, levels of pituitary hormone called luteinizing hormone ( LH ) rose sharply. This hormone plays a key role in controlling testosterone production. This elevation appears to result from direct negative effects of ibuprofen on the expression of genes encoding several enzymes responsible for steroidogenesis from which testosterone is derived.

    And other harmful effects for testosterone

    In addition, work conducted ex vivo and in vitro has highlighted direct effects on testosterone production. Thus, ibuprofen inhibits a hormone responsible for the regulation of follicle-stimulating hormone ( FSH ).

    In addition, other alterations including the blocking of the production of testicular prostaglandins have been demonstrated.

    Severe endocrine disrupting effects

    In total, the authors note, this study demonstrates that prolonged doses of ibuprofen, of the order of 1200 mg / day for 6 weeks, exert in young men severe endocrine disrupting effects leading to a condition called ” compensated hypogonadism “. This condition usually found in about 10% of older men is generally associated with increased risks to reproductive health, as well as to health in general.

    A risk of physical and psychological deterioration

    For Bernard Jégou, Research Director at Inserm and Director of Research at the School of Higher Public Health Studies and coordinator of this study, as well as for Christèle Desdoits-Lethimonier, Research Engineer at the University of Rennes 1 and co-first author, the conclusions of this work are to be taken seriously: ” There are subpopulations of men who take ibuprofen continuously, including men who do not suffer from any chronic illness such as athletes. If this state of compensated hypogonadism sets in, the risk for them is to increase the risks already associated with this drug, but also to alter their physical condition (muscles and bones), to jeopardize their health. reproductive and even psychological “.

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