Can turmeric help with weight loss


Are you out to shed off those extra pounds around your waist, look no further. Losing weight is one of the most complicated things, and it gets worse when you’re trying to focus on the belly.

Can turmeric help with weight loss? Yes because it’s one of the most sought after spices with immense benefits.

However, before opting for the readily available supplements in the market, why not try the traditional methods to help in your weight loss journey.

Can turmeric help with weight loss around the belly? For many years, the ancient spice has come in handy as an antioxidant, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory. However, did you know the ancient spice contains curcumin, an agent that prevents inflammation in your body?

How can turmeric help with weight loss

Most times, body swelling is linked to obesity, and curcumin plays a vital role in reducing inflammation. It additionally fights excess fat in the system by preventing the increase of fat tissue.

Turmeric also improves gut health, which helps to speed up your weight loss journey. This one spice accelerates bile juice secretion in the stomach and gets rid of gas while aiding in the digestion process.

Some available turmeric weight loss recipes

Tumeric is versatile; hence, you can incorporate it in your food, tea, or juice. For instance, you can make turmeric tea using simple and readily available ingredients such as water, black pepper powder, and fresh diced turmeric.

To make the tea, put 300ml water in a pan then add the fresh turmeric and pepper. Allow it to boil the sieve. For taste, you can add two teaspoons of honey.

Another option is making fresh cocktail juice using beetroot, apples, carrots, and turmeric. Blend the ingredients, sieve, and enjoy a glass of healthy drink. From time immemorial, people have used this juice as a detoxifier to promote weight loss.

Following the covid-19 pandemic, more people are cautious about their diet and what goes into their bodies. Can turmeric help with weight loss? Yes, and it will also help to boost your immunity.

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