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‘Council of Governors is playing games with us,’ Dr Chibanzi says

KMPDU Secretary-General, Dr Chibanzi Mwachonda, has accused Council of Governors of playing games with them in the health crisis.

Speaking in an interview on Citizen TV, Dr Mwachonda said that the governors had not agreed to all issues in return to the work formula. Chibanzi’s sentiments come just a day after nurses announced that they would persist with their strike. And Dr Chibanzi was in support of nurses demanding better conditions.

Work as a team

“We work as a team. We need nurses, clinical officers, laboratory officers on board,” he said, “The health sector in the public sector is crippled, and this has to come to an end by resolving all matters.”

Dr Chibanzi also said that just because they had not gone on strike did not mean that the CoG had approved all issues. He noted that CoG chair, Oparanya had declined to sign the return to work formula. That, Dr Chibanzi said, was playing with the health worker’s concerns.

He also was critical of the sacking of health workers in counties, saying that the move would cripple the Universal Health Coverage program.

Sabotaging Universal Health Coverage

“The Council of Governors is now sabotaging the agenda on Universal Health Coverage,” Dr Chibanzi said.

He said that assessments on the weakest link to achieving universal health coverage were the shortage of human resources of health. This was true from level two all the way to level six hospitals. Thus, by sacking health workers, the CoG was only further understaffing Kenyan health facilities.

He then called on the national government to step in and stop the sabotage of one of its key pillars.

Dr Chibanzi had also been one of the doctors who had faced the sack from the Mombasa County government. He was part of 86 doctors that Joho’s administration fired. However, they were soon reinstated.

But governors across counties have been firing doctors blatantly. CoG Chair Wycliffe Oparanya said that they would ensure fired health workers did not get jobs in other counties.

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