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Cervicitis (cervicitis) Is inflammation at the bottom of the uterus Which is the point that connects the vagina Patients may experience bleeding throughBirthDuring the absence of menstruation Pain while having sex or during an exam Or have abnormal vaginal discharge This condition can be caused by infection. Irritation Or an imbalance of sex hormones and bacteria in the vagina. Patients should see a doctor for treatment. Because if the cervix is ​​inflamed from an infection The infection can spread into the womb, uterus, and abdomen, leading to severe and life-threatening infections. It may cause infertility. Or if it occurs during pregnancy, it may affect the fetus.

Symptoms of cervicitis

Some patients may not have any symptoms suggestive of cervical inflammation. But may be detected through internal examination such as annual health check or examination when pregnant

As for patients with symptoms May observe the following abnormalities

  • Have a vaginal dischargeIt is gray or white in large quantities. And may smell too
  • Vaginal pain, lower abdominal pain Or back pain
  • Have vaginal bleeding
  • Bleeding during sex Or during the absence of menstruation
  • Difficulty urinating, frequent urination, or pain while urinating

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Causes of cervicitis

Cervical conditions are often caused by infection. With severe and common symptoms often caused bySexually transmitted infection Such as true gonorrhea, chlamydia Genital herpes Trichomoniasis infection, etc.

In addition, cervicitis can occur for a number of other reasons:

  • Allergic to the chemicals in spermicides used for vaginal douching from a type of contraceptive method Including latex allergy from condoms and products that use deodorant or douching.
  • Irritation from tampons Contraceptive tools such as cervical caps Or a device that is inserted into the vagina to helpSupport for sagging pelvic organs
  • Hormones imbalance, such as having too much estrogen or progesterone, etc., which can affect the vaginal tissue.
  • Bacterial imbalance Because there are too many bad bacteria that are harmful to the body
  • Have cancer or are receiving radiation treatment for cancer Which may cause changes in the cervical area And can cause symptoms of cervical inflammation as a result

Diagnosis of cervicitis

If there are symptoms similar to cervicitis Patients should see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis. This is because symptoms may be a warning sign of other types of vaginal or uterine disease, which doctors may check using the following methods.

Internal examination

The doctor will check to see if the patient has any swelling or pain in the pelvic area. They may insert one finger into the vagina while using the other hand to press on the stomach and pelvis. To watch for pelvic floor disorders Or using a medical device inserted into the vagina as well To examine the uterus, cervix, and nearby organs in the pelvis

Tissue and pap smear samples

Sometimes the doctor will use a cell sampling device or cut tissue around the cervix or vagina. And sent to a laboratory to check for abnormalities

Culture test

The doctor will use a small cotton swab to gently wipe the fluid around the cervix or vagina. And then brought to look under a microscope To check for signs of fungal, viral, or bacterial infections that may be the cause of inflammation

Cervical inflammation treatment

Your doctor will treat you based on symptoms and severity. Patient health history And causes of cervicitis With the following treatment methods

  • Stop using some products that cause irritation. such as Tampons Vaginal support device Cervical cap, etc.
  • Take medication If cervicitis is caused by infection The doctor will give you antibiotics. Antifungal drugs Or antiviral drugs It depends on the type of infection that is causing it. To prevent the infection from spreading to the uterus and uterus. And prevent infection of the baby in the event that the patient is pregnant As for those who have sexually transmitted infectionsTrue gonorrheaOr chlamydia The doctor will recommend the patient’s partner to be treated as well. To ensure that the infection will not occur again Which patients should avoid sexual intercourse until recovered. And must come to check the symptoms again and again to confirm the results As for patients with herpesGenital area Antiviral drugs may be given to help relieve vaginitis. But will not be able to cure herpes completely
  • Cryosurgery Used in patients with cervical inflammation due to cervical cancer.Or cancer at an early stage The doctor will use extreme cold to destroy abnormal cells in the cervix. Or, silver nitrate may also be used to help destroy abnormal cells.

Complications of cervicitis

Cervical infection caused by infection may also increase the risk of infection in the uterus. Especially true gonorrhea and chlamydia Which can spread the infection to the lining of the uterus and ovaries and cause pelvic infection The patient may have abdominal pain. Have abnormal vaginal discharge and fever if left untreated can lead to infertility. And it can put women at an increased risk of HIV infection from infected partners.

Prevention of cervicitis

Preventing cervicitis can be done by avoiding various factors in the following ways.

  • Having safe sex To prevent the development of cervicitis from sexually transmitted infections. Which should wear a condom every time having sex Do not change sexual partners frequently, avoid having sex with people with genital herpes or pus. And if sexually transmitted diseases are detected, they should seek treatment for both themselves and their partners.
  • Avoid stimuli Do not use products that contain chemicals that may cause vaginal irritation, such as douches. Vaginal cleaning products Tampons Cervical cap, etc., but if necessary, a device that is inserted into the vagina Correct use of instructions such as insertion, removal and cleaning should be followed.
  • Control sickness Diabetics should control their blood sugar to a reasonable level. To reduce the risk of developing cervicitis

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