Pediculosis Pubis or Pubic Lice Is a small insect belonging to the group of parasites And lives with the human body It is most common in the genital area. But may also be found in other areas of the body Lones can be transmitted through all types of sexual activity.


There are three phases of lone found in the human body:

  • Egg (Nit) They are so small that they cannot be seen with the naked eye. But may be seen with a magnifying glass Lone eggs are white or yellow in color and are often attached to hairs. It takes about 6-10 days to incubate before it becomes an embryo.
  • Larva (Nymph) After the eggs hatch Lone larvae live in the genital area. And relying on human blood for food The nature of the embryo is similar to that of an adult. But smaller And it takes about 2-3 weeks to fully grow up.
  • Adult The distinguishing feature is Light brown Or light gray with six legs, with two large front legs and a claw-like appearance The female is larger than the male. OIf the lone falls off the human body, it will die itself within 1-2 days.

Lone can be cured by the use of drugs with potent eradication effects, andlouse Most of which are topical drugs Usually used only 1-2 times, it will heal. If eliminated properly and responds to the drug used

Lone Symptoms

Lone’s symptoms begin to show up a few weeks after the patient is infected by someone else. Which symptoms in women and men are similar What is clear is Itching of the genital area Rectal area Alternatively, there may be itching in other areas, such as under the armpits, hairy areas such as the legs, chest, stomach or back, beard, eyebrows, or eyelashes. About 5 days after the first contact And it will itching more at night. In addition, other symptoms may be found, such as

  • havefeverLow
  • Irritability
  • Weak
  • There is a small bruise from the bite on the skin of the thigh. Or lower abdomen
  • There is a characteristic black powder attached to the underwear.

In addition, if the patient is very itchy, it may scratch until the wound becomes. Or infection can occur. If there is a lone living around the eyelashes, it may be at risk of conjunctivitis as well.

Cause of the lone

The cause of this condition is a small parasite called pubic lice, which is a bug that cannot fly. Or can jump And need human blood to live Lones are transmitted through close contact, such as hugging and kissing, but most often it is sexually transmitted. The key is that Lone can’t be prevented by wearing a condom. Or using birth control pills

Lone is most commonly found in adults. Or the age that can have sex already But if it is found in children, that could be a sign of sexual abuse. There is also a misconception that loneliness is contagious simply because it doesn’t maintain cleanliness. Actually, Lone is able to keep in touch even with good housekeeping.

In addition, the belief that The use of cloth together Or using public toilets can be addictive and in fact less common. Since lones can survive, they rely on human blood for food and at the temperature of the human body to survive.

Lone diagnosis

Initially, patients may notice that they are in a state of an addiction. By looking at the lone body or the egg of the lone in the secret hair area Or other areas of the body such as eyebrows, eyelashes, beard, under the first love, groin or body that there is or not. But it is often difficult to find because of the quantity.The lone on the patient’s body may be less. If you are not sure that you are addicted or not, you should see a doctor for a more detailed diagnosis.

The doctor will take a history of the symptoms you have. And risk factors that may cause addiction And physical examination of the genital area A magnifying glass may be used to look for the lone and its eggs if the lone is found to live in the body. The doctor will make further treatment plans.

Lone treatment

In general, lice can be cured with a shampoo, lotion, or cream containing chemicals that are effective in killing lice or lice. The doctor or Gesha will recommend products that are most suitable for users. Users must follow the doctor’s instructions. And drug accompanying documents The drug used is permethrin, which is used as follows:

  • Apply the affected area. Or areas with a lot of hairs, such as the genitals, eyebrows, mustache and beard, some medications may need to be applied over the body to prevent loneliness.
  • If using the drug too close to your eyes Until the drug gets into the eyes, rinse thoroughly with water as soon as possible.
  • Some medications may need to be applied and then washed off later. If the time has passed, it should be washed thoroughly.

The first drug treatment is usually the elimination of the lone present in the body, so the uncured egg is not destroyed. 3-7 days after the first use of the drug, it should be repeated to remove the newly released lone from the egg. But if using the drug repeatedly for the second time, the symptoms have not been alleviated Or the treatment does not work Should go back and consult a doctor And should not reuse the drug because it can cause dangerous side effects such as skin irritation, itching, redness or burning pain, etc.

There are also other drugs that are often used to treat when permethrin is ineffective, including:

  • Malathion It is a lone drug in the form of a lotion and is applied for 8-12 hours.
  • Lindane Is the strongest drug And contains toxic chemicals It is often used in the treatment of lone The method of use is to apply the said drug and leave it for 4 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. The drug should not be used on infants. Or women who are in the process of breastfeeding are strictly prohibited

In the event that the loneliness livesArea of ​​the eyelashes, whichLess common It can be removed by using a nail or comb. But must use drugs to cure them too, so consult a doctor about treatment The doctor will prescribe a topical medication, which is a topical medication for the eye area, for the patient to apply it on the eyelids 2 to 4 times a day for 10 days in a row. Eyes can be irritated

Also duringPatient treatmentNeed to take care of yourself Keep the laundry and bedding clean in hot water 50 degrees or higher to get rid of lint that build up on the fabric. And spray the anti-lone on cloth appliances The cloth is then placed in a tightly sealed plastic bag and left for 10-14 days to eliminate the lone and prevent it from recurring. In addition, sexual activity should be avoided until it has healed. To prevent contact of the lone And should see a doctor for other sexually transmitted diseases because people who are lonely may be at risk of contracting these diseases.

Lone Complications

If not treated properly it can lead to complications. Complications that are often found in lone addicts are:

  • Skin infection Itching caused by lone May cause frequent scratching of the itchy area And may lead to infection asBlister Or an abscess on the skin
  • An eye infection In some cases, the lash may spread to the eyelashes. And causeConjunctivitis Eyelid inflammation

If the symptoms are not very severe May not need to see a doctor But if irritation occurs on the skin Or severe eye pain should see a doctor for treatment is the best.

Lone protection

Lone is a preventable symptom. By avoiding the risk of loneliness It’s easy to do as follows

  • Avoiding sexual activity with lone addicts. Due to the coexistence of sexual activity during which one party is lonely It will spread easily, so it should be avoided until the lone has recovered first.
  • Avoid sharing clothing, towels, or bedding on the patient. Although there is little chance of getting stuck through clothing. But it should be avoided because lones can stay in the fabric for a short time, and if they are used together, they can spread to others.
  • Bathe clean Should shower and clean the body regularly. To reduce the risk of addiction
  • Avoid trying dresses in department stores. To buy clothes Should avoid trying clothes is best. Especially swimwear If you have to try it, it’s best to wear a bra while trying to prevent getting stuck. Or other harmful germs

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