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Receding gums

Recoiled gums (Gingival Recession) This is a condition where the gum tissue around the tooth is weakened that causes the gum tissue to slowly retract to the root of the tooth and make the tooth more visible. In some cases, the gum tissue may shrink until it exposes the tooth root.Making dentin more contact with bacteria And cause plaque Which may be a source of germs Causing other oral problems Recovered gums cannot be cured. Or return to being the same Can only prevent the gums from shrinking further In addition, the patient should also treat receding gums. Because if left, it will cause bone damage to teeth. Causing the teeth to become unhealthy and eventually fall off

Receding gums

Symptoms of receding gums

Symptoms of receding gums that can be seen are Changed gums This is where the gum tissue will shrink until the teeth become more visible, and if there is a lot, the neck, tooth, or tooth root may be seen more clearly.

  • Have symptomsSensitive teeth
  • Bleeding after brushing your teeth Or use dental floss
  • Swollen gumsred
  • Breath smells bad.
  • Feeling of pain in the gums
  • Teeth are looser, or teeth appear longer than normal.

In biting or chewing People with receding gums may have difficulty biting or chewing. And even more pain if pressed on the gum area In addition, if persistent recurrent gums are present without adequate treatment It will cause the gum area to shrink to become a source of germs. Can lead to oral health problems that follow

Causes of receding gums

Receding gums can be caused by many reasons But the most serious is caused by periodontal disease. In addition to receding gums, it can also lead to other problems that can lead to tooth loss. Other causes of receding gums include

  • Brushing your teeth the wrong way Choosing a toothbrush with too hard bristles Or vigorous brushing will result in damage to the gum tissue and shrink up to the gum recede.
  • Poor oral hygiene Tooth brushing is not clean Do not use dental floss or mouthwash. May cause plaque to form between the gums and teeth. Which, if not treated, will eventually cause shrinking gums
  • A gum injury Such as accidental piercing of the gums and mouth for beauty Or playing sports that may result in injury to the mouth It can also cause gum tissue death and retraction to the root of the tooth.
  • Periodontitis Is a disease caused by inflammation of the gums This causes the organs surrounding the teeth, such as the bones around the root canal, to be destroyed and reduced in size. Causing the gum to shrink as well
  • heredity Certain genetic traits that are inherited in families may increase the risk of developing gum-related diseases.
  • Hormonal changes Pregnant women and those in the menopause have abnormal levels of hormones. Which directly affects gum health Weaken the gums That it is easy to inflammation and tissue loss
  • Smoking The toxins contained in cigarettes play a role in the formation of difficult-to-clean plaque. And if left for a long time, it will cause tartar. Which is a risk factor for receding gums
  • Habitual wrong behaviors Like teeth grinding Or chewing teeth while sleeping This will result in a lot of pressure on the teeth. And affect the gums Weakens the gums until they can shrink down to the root of the teeth
  • Caused by inserting braces that do not fit Braces that are too tight Or does not fit the patient’s teeth. Will weaken the gums And shortened until the dentin was visible

Diagnosis of receding gums

Initial receding gums can be difficult to notice. Because this symptom will gradually occur little by little. But if symptoms start to increase, the patient or dentist will notice the appearance of the gum that shrinks down to the root of the tooth.

The doctor will estimate the depth of the gum line. If it is 1-3 mm deep, it means that the gums are normal. However, if deeper than 3 mm, the doctor assumes that the patient has gum disease. When the cause is found, treatment will be started in the next step.

Treatment for receding gums

Treatment depends on the cause of the receding gums. But the gum that is damaged Will not be able to restore it to its original state It can only keep the remaining gums from shrinking further. And prevent complications that lead to other periodontal disease In some cases, the patient may need to refer the patient to a gum disease specialist for targeted treatment. By during treatmentPatients will need to keep their mouth clean to prevent duplication of intra-oral problems.

Treatment according to the cause of birth should be performed as follows.

  • Caused by wrong brushing behavior In the event that the cause is due to strong brushing, the doctor will recommend a more appropriate brushing method. Which patients should follow in order not to aggravate the symptoms
  • Caused by periodontal disease Initially, the doctor will scaling and scaling the teeth. To remove tartar that adheres to the teeth This will help the gum tissue attaches to the teeth again. And if there is inflammation of the gums Your doctor may also use antibiotics to heal the inflammation. In which patients will have to take medications as prescribed by the doctor And maintain the cleanliness of the oral cavity to be more special
  • Caused by inserting braces that do not fit If the person with braces has receding gums The doctor will adjust the braces to better fit the oral cavity. Will help the symptoms not get worse than before

In case of severe receding gums For example, the gum tissue shrinks down until the tooth roots are clearly visible. The doctor may recommend surgical treatment as an alternative to the patient. The methods of dental surgery that are often used are:

  • Bone repair In case the bone that supports the tooth is damaged by receding gums Bone and tissue repair is a way to help prevent damage to your teeth. The doctor will use externally cultured gum tissue. Or gum epithelium used in the treatment And let the body gradually repair bone and tissue This method when the treatment has achieved the desired results. The gum tissue will come up and close the gum root as close as possible to the original.
  • Gum tissue graft It is an operation to graft soft tissue around the dental flanges that are missing from receding gums. It takes tissue from the palatine area to sew off the area where the tooth root has emerged. Or if the patient still has enough gum tissue around the teeth, the dentist will use those tissues instead. And do not use tissues from the mouth pendan This may not restore the gums completely, but it will keep the root canal emerging from receding gums safe from infection. Or inflammation

Complications from receding gums

The most common complication of this condition is periodontal disease. Due to the weakening and shrinking of the gums If not treated to slow down the severity Can cause severe infection and inflammation

In addition, if the gum tissue is too receding Will make the teeth unable to stick to the place as firmly as before And lead to a swaying tooth The dentin is destroyed. It also results in a loss of self-confidence, not daring to smile because of fear of others will see the disorder.

Preventing receding gums

Prevent receding gums in a variety of ways Starting from changing the behavior in life And maintain good oral hygiene In the following way

  • Brush your teeth with a soft toothbrush. To prevent gum damage You should also brush your teeth as directed by your doctor and floss carefully.
  • See a dentist at least twice a year. Regular oral check-ups at least twice a year will help doctors monitor receding gums and treat them promptly.
  • Eat a healthy diet Many foods can support healthy gums.
  • ReduceSmoking Cigarette toxins can cause receding gums. If able to reduce the amount of smoking or quit smoking Will help reduce the risk

These methods not only help prevent receding gums but also But also slows gum damage in people who already have receding gums. But if the behavior changes and the symptoms continue to spread rapidly, you should see a dentist for further serious treatment.

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