Fast Killing Foods you eat Daily


When it comes to your health and nutrition, it is essential to mention some of the foods that you come across daily that can take you to an early grave. Some of these superfoods are just made to stimulate your cognitive function, to get full, and even improve memory. Little did you know they affect your brain functioning and kills your intelligence slowly but surely?
1. Sugary products: Long periods of consuming sweet products can make you have an unproportioned waistline. Most sugar products are high in fructose and interfere with your ability to learn and remember.
2. Fried foods: All processed foods contains additives, flavors, and preservatives. All these affect children and adults by destroying nerve cells located in the brain.
3. Excessively salty food: Too much salt affects your blood pressure and the heart. Salt also impairs your ability to think.
4. Vegetable cooking oils: Even though many people opt for liquid oils, the oils cause shrinkage of arteries and the brain. In the long run, you risk suffering from stroke and heart-related issues.
5. Grains (Except whole grain): Consuming natural grains every day increases the chances of aging and memory loss. You should shift to entire grains since they are rich in fiber and impact your brain’s function.


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