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10 rules to reduce cellulite

The solution to overcome cellulite is to adopt a healthy lifestyle, investing in a diet with low consumption of sugar, fat and toxins and also in the regular practice of physical exercises, which burn fat, expend the accumulated energy and improve circulation blood.

However, this lifestyle should not be followed only in the phase of combating cellulite, it should always be adopted, so that cellulite does not have the possibility of installing itself again.

The 10 rules for those who want to eliminate cellulite include:

1. Eat more iron

Iron-rich foods help eliminate cellulite from the inside out because they improve blood circulation, increasing the amount of nutrients and oxygen in the cells. Some examples are beets, dark chocolate, cocoa powder, dark green leafy vegetables like kale.

2. Eat more fiber

Regular consumption of fiber-rich foods, such as raw fruits and vegetables, improves bowel function, helping to cleanse the body and make the skin more beautiful. In addition, the fibers provide greater satiety, decreasing appetite, which also helps to control weight, as less fat is consumed.

Some fiber-rich food options are fruits, vegetables, legumes, brown rice, beans and dried fruits, as well as flaxseeds, oats and wheat bran, for example.

3. Decrease salt consumption

The salt leads to fluid retention, favoring the installation or worsening of cellulite, so it is advisable to consume a maximum of 5 mg of salt daily, which corresponds to 1 teaspoon per day and, for that, you must replace the salt with spices, aromatic herbs, lemon or olive oil, for example.

5. Avoid industrialized food

Frozen industrialized food has a high content of sodium and other substances that can cause fluid retention, which is related to the increase in cellulite.

In addition, restaurant foods may have been prepared with ready-made spices or other food additives, which should also be avoided in combating cellulite.

Therefore, you should preferably eat homemade food, and whenever possible, take a lunchbox to work or school, because then you know exactly what you are eating and can achieve better results.

6. Eliminate toxins

To eliminate toxins from the body it is recommended to drink plenty of water or liquids such as fruit juice or unsweetened tea. Cabbage detoxifying juice is a good recipe to cleanse the body, increasing well-being.

7. Stimulate blood circulation

By stimulating blood circulation, there is more oxygen reaching the cells and better function of the lymphatic system. To improve circulation it is advisable to exercise regularly or to have an exfoliating massage.

In fact, rubbing the skin with a good exfoliating cream, removes dead cells and stimulates circulation, being useful in combating cellulite.

8. Do physical exercises


Exercises speed up metabolism, activate circulation, burn fats and eliminate toxins, so they must be performed regularly.

Thus, those who want to maintain their weight should do at least 1 hour of exercise 3 times a week, and if you want to lose weight, you should do 60 to 90 minutes of exercise daily.

9. Use anti-cellulite creams

Apply cream

Anti-cellulite creams are formulated with ingredients that help fight localized fat, and improve blood circulation. Two good examples include the anti-cellulite reducing gel, from Bio-M├ędicin and Cellu sculpt anti-cellulite cream.

10. Check the weight

After reaching the ideal weight, it is important to maintain an adequate diet and not return to old habits.

This way, once a week you can eat a meal with a greater amount of calories or fat, however, if you eat like this daily, you can regain weight and lose all the results achieved.

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