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3 steps to remove purple eye

​A head trauma can cause a facial hematoma, leaving the eye black and swollen, which is painful and unsightly. So, to reduce pain, swelling and dark skin color, you can use ice, perform a lymphatic drainage or apply an ointment for bruises, for example.

However, if the area is bloody, a medical evaluation is recommended and if there are traces of dirt such as dirt, it is recommended to go to the emergency room so that the wound is properly treated. However, in case the region is clean, being only swollen, painful and purple, the treatment can be done at home, in a simple way.

1. Use cold or warm compresses

The first step is to wash your face with plenty of cold water with soap or soap to clean the skin. Then, compresses with ice water or a small piece of ice wrapped in a diaper should be applied, making a gentle massage. It is necessary to wrap the ice cube in a diaper or other thin fabric, so as not to burn the skin. Use the ice until it melts and then add another one. The maximum time for total ice use is 15 minutes, but this procedure can be performed several times a day, with intervals of approximately 1 hour.

After 48 hours, the area should be less swollen and painful and the purple mark should be more yellow, which means an improvement in the lesion. From this moment on, it may be more appropriate to put warm compresses on the site, leaving it on the affected eye until it cools down. Whenever it gets cold, you should change the compress for another that is warm. The total time of use of warm compresses should be approximately 20 minutes, twice a day.

2. Massage the spot

In addition to the small massage done with a pebble of ice, it can be useful to do another type of massage called lymphatic drainage. This specific massage unclogs the lymphatic channels, reducing swelling and redness in a few minutes, but it needs to be done correctly to achieve your goals.

How to make: place your fingers on the side of the face and slide them in a circular motion from the outer corner of the eye to the back of the ears.

Another massage that can be performed is placing the fingers on the upper eyelid and, making circular movements, direct the lymph towards the ears. See how to do lymphatic drainage on the face.

3. Apply hematoma ointment

Ointments like Hirudoid can be used to lessen the bruise, but homemade options like iced chamomile tea and arnica or aloe vera (Aloe Vera) ointment are also good options and can be easily found at pharmacies or health food stores. To use, you must follow the instructions provided in the package inserts of each medication.

This step-by-step can be done for about 5 days, but usually the swelling and purple marks disappear in 4 days, when all these precautions are followed. Learn about other home remedy options for bruises.

When to see the doctor

It is recommended to go to the emergency room when there is a hematoma in one or both eyes and the presence of other symptoms, such as severe headache, nausea, vomiting, presence of transparent secretion in the nose and/or ears, in addition to hematoma behind the ears as they can be indicative of skull base fractures that should be treated immediately.

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