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3 Tips To Avoid Getting Diseases While Riding Public Vehicles

Being in public sometimes makes us more susceptible to disease, including when on public transportation. However, we certainly can’t just avoid it. In order to stay healthy, there are habits that we must do during and after riding public transportation.

According to WHO, taking public transportation can even help improve health and climate. Starting from reduced air pollution, reduced risk of traffic accidents, to reduced noise. So, what should be done to stay healthy when taking public transportation?

Healthy tips for riding public transportation

Taking public transportation makes our bodies more active than taking private vehicles. That is what can make us healthier. Even so, you still have to be vigilant when traveling on public transportation.

Because there are many disease microorganisms on public transportation. When using public transportation, it means that you share a room with many people you don’t know. That is the reason, it could be that bacteria or viruses that are carried by other people stick to your body.

For example, suppose you are using a bus and you are standing next to a flu sufferer who happens to be not wearing a mask. That thing, increases your risk of catching the flu too. Especially if he sneezes and doesn’t close his mouth.

In order to stay healthy and avoid disease transmission when taking public transportation, there are a number of things that you should pay attention to below.

1. Wash your hands when you arrive at your destination

One of the most effective tips to stay healthy even if you take public transportation is to wash your hands. This prevents you from germs that stick to your hands.

Try to wash your hands for 20 seconds using soap to avoid disease. Besides, carry on hand sanitizer can be another alternative.

If possible, you can keep your hands in your pockets during public transportation to avoid touching others.

However, if you have to because you can’t or if you come into contact with a handle that may be full of germs, keep your hands out and don’t put them in your pockets.

Otherwise, your pockets can become a place to fill with disease microorganisms and make you prone to disease.

2. Gargle with antiseptic mouthwash


Apart from washing your hands, you can also rinse your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash before traveling.

When traveling by public transportation, sometimes you forget to wear a mask to cover your mouth. As a result, pollution and bacteria are prone to enter when you breathe with your mouth and make you contract disease.

It is not uncommon when traveling by public transport, that you touch a bus handle or door which may be full of bacteria. Unconsciously, you are touching your mouth with a hand full of bacteria.

That’s why, gargling before and after taking public transportation can save you from this risk and keep you healthy.

3. Sit or stand in a quiet place

sit by the window on the plane

Usually, the center of a bus or train contains more people than the front or rear. The fewer people you meet, the less likely it is that bacteria and viruses will move from them to infect you.

A chair by a window or at least next to someone you know can be a way for you to avoid people who carry disease germs.

The benefits of taking public transportation

overcome joint and muscle pain due to frequent public transportation

Taking public transportation does put you at risk for disease. However, the benefits of taking public transportation are equally good.

As reported Ben Franklin Transit, using public transportation is actually good for health and the environment, including:

  • Makes you more active, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension.
  • Traffic accidents are reduced and you are also safer because the number of private vehicle use decreases.
  • Reduce stress because you don’t need to be stuck in a traffic jam alone.
  • Contribute to a better environment. Less private transportation can reduce pollution levels from vehicle exhaust gases.

Even though there is a risk of disease, that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from taking public transportation. By continuing to maintain personal hygiene at the top, you can take public transportation and stay healthy, even healthier.

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