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3 tips to eat beans without getting gas

Beans, as well as other grains, such as chickpeas, peas and lentils, for example, are very rich nutritionally, however they cause a lot of gas due to the amount of carbohydrates present in their composition that are not properly digested by the body. cause of the absence of specific enzymes.

Thus, beans ferment in the digestive system due to the action of intestinal bacteria, which leads to the formation of gases. However, there are strategies related to the preparation of food that can reduce the formation of gases, as well as ways to eliminate the gases that have formed, such as massage in the abdomen, use of pharmacy remedies and consumption of teas, for example. Check out some tips to eliminate gas.

The 3 tips so that beans don’t cause gas are:

1. Do not eat bean husks

To eat beans without worrying about the gas that they can cause, you should avoid eating the husk of the beans, serving only with the broth. Another possibility is, after it’s ready, pass the beans in a sieve to take advantage of all their nutrients, without allowing it to cause gas.’

Bean broth is rich in iron and is great for strengthening baby food without causing gas.

2. Soak the beans for 12 hours

By soaking the beans for 12 hours and cooking them with this same water, the beans do not cause gas, being a very easy strategy to be adopted to prepare dishes that need the beans, such as feijoada, for example .

3. Let the beans cook for a long time

When the beans are left to cook for a long time, they become softer and the starch present in the beans is more easily digested.

Beans can be offered in this way even to babies over 7 months old, who have already started a diversified diet. Just add it to the pre-prepared baby food.

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