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4 Easy Tips to Overcome Swelling in Baby’s Skin

If your little one is seen continuously scratching certain areas of the skin, in a not so long time, usually a bump that is slightly red in color or commonly called a bump will appear. Do not let your little one continue to scratch because it might irritate the skin. You must know how to get rid of this itching and bumps. So, how do you deal with bumps on baby’s skin? Here’s how.

How to deal with bumps on baby’s skin?

Itching in babies that causes your little one’s body to swell can be triggered by several things. It could be due to allergies, hot enough weather, or because of being bitten by insects such as mosquitoes. Swelling in the baby’s skin mostly does not require special treatment, the symptoms usually disappear on their own within a few hours or days.

However, if you are worried that the bumps on the baby’s skin are getting redder and disturbing the comfort of your baby, try the methods below to treat the bumps on the baby’s skin.

1. Cool the baby’s skin

Your little one may look restless, fussy, and try to scratch the bumps on his skin. Immediately loosen or take off your child’s clothes, if the swollen area on the baby’s skin is covered by his clothes.

If you are in a hot room, or outside where the weather is quite hot, immediately bring your little one in and turn on the air conditioner, fan, or fan your little one’s body using a hand fan. After that, you can take your little one to the bathroom.

Stream the cold area to the part of the body that is itchy or sore, this is to clean your baby from sweat, dust, or oil. You can also do a cold compress using a cold wet cloth on the bumps on the baby’s skin. This is to reduce itching and bumps on the baby’s skin.

2. Dry the baby’s skin

After you wet your baby’s skin with water or just do a cold compress, let the baby’s skin dry by itself, don’t rub it with a towel. You can also use a fan or hand fan so that your little one dries quickly. However, don’t take it too long.

This aims to minimize irritation to the little one because the baby’s skin conditions are different, the bumps on the baby’s skin can mean certain health conditions for the little one.

3. Use lotions and creams that contain calamine

If your little one cries when you touch his skin and the bumps on the baby’s skin seem very itchy, apply calamine lotion on the skin. However, do not let the lotion apply to the skin near the eyes of your little one.

If the bumps on the baby’s skin are severe, use hydrocortisone cream as recommended by the doctor. You are advised not to use other types of ointments and lotions because they can make the bumps on the baby’s skin worse or the baby has an allergic reaction.

4. Let the baby’s skin breathe

For the time being, leave your little one naked or try to dress your little one with a material that easily absorbs sweat or a slightly thin, soft, and loose material such as cotton. Don’t wear clothes that are too thick and too tight.

This is to let your baby’s skin get good air circulation. In addition, it is also good for preventing infections that can easily occur when the skin is too moist or sweaty. Don’t let your little one scratch the affected area of ​​the skin. If mosquito bites are the cause of the bumps on your baby’s skin, put on a mosquito net while your little one is sleeping soundly.

5. Do not hesitate to consult a doctor

If the efforts you do do not change, and the bumps on the baby’s skin are getting worse and feel so itchy, it’s good to immediately consult this further to the doctor. Especially if you notice signs of infection, redness and swelling.

Many dangerous diseases can be transmitted by mosquito bites. Usually, mosquito bites are not that dangerous. But if your child has symptoms such as fever, vomiting, headache, and fussiness. Immediately see a doctor to find out the health condition of your little one.

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