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5 benefits of practicing pilates in your teens

Method offers flexibility, posture, fitness and focus

It is in adolescence that important discoveries and changes take place, both physical and mental, which makes it the ideal phase to begin or intensify physical activity. Accelerated growth often causes back and joint pain, and regular exercise is a great ally in this regard.

In addition, during adolescence, the anatomical and structural relationships of the body are not fully consolidated, and may undergo both beneficial and harmful changes. Not doing any physical activity or not taking care of posture, for example, can be just as harmful as doing activities in the wrong way.

Pilates is a great alternative for teenagers, as it helps to improve flexibility, strengthens muscles and works with breathing and concentration skills, helping with athletic and intellectual performances. The activity is also responsible for facilitating lymphatic drainage and encouraging the respiratory system, reducing daily stress.

Through pilates, teenagers can also better understand how their movements and posture work, serving as an incentive for body awareness to always work throughout life.

Benefits of pilates in adolescence

1. Improves posture

As teenagers face growth spurts, they are at risk of developing scoliosis, hyperkyphosis (hump) or rounded shoulders. Pilates teaches correct posture when performing functional movements, in addition to boosting muscle memory of correct posture on a daily basis.

2. Slimming and better mind-body connection

The regular practice of pilates can promote significant changes in the body of adolescents, as it improves muscle tone, balances the musculature and helps to maintain good posture. The practice also acts in the mind-body connection, since with each movement performed with all attention, the body and the mind come together in tune to perform the exercise.

3. Improves the focus level

As mentioned in the previous item, pilates is an exercise that unites mind and body in tune, since the lack of focus during the exercises can cause postural errors. That is why in practice it is crucial to cultivate the ability to stay focused on each movement, a factor that can be of great use to developing adolescents.

4. Improve sports performance

Since sports are an important part of teenagers’ lives, the good news for young people is that pilates can increase strength, flexibility, coordination and fitness level. These factors are essential for good performance in other diverse sports practices.

5. Decreases stress

Some sports practices can provoke a “fight” or “escape” response from the stress that inhabits the body. The gentle stretching and strengthening of pilates, however, offers the same benefits as traditional forms of exercise without the same stress on the body. With less physiological stress hormones running through the body, there is a feeling of relaxation and happiness.

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